Monday, December 5, 2016

Uncle Dave & The Waco Bros. 2004 Nine Slices Of My Midlife Crisis

Genre: Country-Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:00
Size: 35,52 MB

United States

I heard the Waco Brothers a few years ago on college radio in RI and got some of their CDs and really liked them. BUT this record blows my freakin' lid off. They've teamed up with Uncle Dave, some dude they used to hang out with in DC back in the day and he's come up with all these sensitive wordy country ballads and neanderthal rock anthems about his mid-life crisis. Hilarious stuff. He dreams up a fantasy woman for his future Uncle Dave wife and by the end of the album realizes she has to be killed before he can be free or happy or both. But it's OK 'cos she's not real, I geuss.

The Wacos never sounded better and the rocking never stops. Uncle Dave has one of those weird non-singer story-teller voices that creeps up on you and gets in your skull! Perfect listening for unemployable single drunks staring down the barrel at 50... Where Does Love Go When It's Gone could be a hit for the Mavericks or Dwight. (Billy Bones)


01 - Where Does Love Go 04:58

02 - Future Mrs. Dave 02:20

03 - West Side Wind 03:08

04 - I Love You, Baby (And I Hate Myself) 04:01

05 - Only Star 04:32

06 - Long Day's Journey 03:31

07 - Table For One 01:58

08 - Face Of The Earth 04:02

09 - F.M.D. R.I.P. 02:30

Gamble for more Uncle Dave & The Waco Bros.


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