Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Delta Generators 2010 Hard River To Row (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 268 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:41
Size: 80,43 MB

United States

“Someday I’ll write a song so strong it will ease my pain” is a lyric from The Delta Generators excellent sophomore CD Hard River To Row. The DG’s offer up 14 short and sweet original tunes that start smart and end quickly. Just the way they should. The DG’s Rock Blues, Soul, R&B and Funk on their new CD. Craig Rawding has range and style on vocals. He plays a mean harp and is a prolific writer of cool tunes with great lyrics. Charlie O’Neal seamlessly smokes on Guitar. He could easily blow your face off, but stays with the groove (mostly). Rick O’Neal is beyond solid on Bass and “entertaining” live. Jeff Armstrong is impressive with his phenomenal Drumming. He employs a hard driving style, with plenty of effects, tastefully on time.

The title track jumps off with crisp drums and harp. Craig proves that he is a male vocalist with range. “Once you reach the ocean where do you go”? Cowbell starts the Funky, Heavy Stomp of “Too Many Cooks”. Charlie fires off some frenetic fret work in the middle and Jeff is “tart” on skins. “Field and Plow” marches off like a DG’s style Bo Diddley. Tasty harp lurks underneath and Jeff is really hitting with conviction. Rick thumps solid bass on the Funky Blues “Canebrake”. “There’s a party in the Canebrake…pass it on”. Craig is soulful, and in key, on the whimsical ballad “Someday”. John Cooke adds organ here and on some other cuts. “Give me some” Rocks the DG’s way! Rick does a “call and response” and it Really Rock’s in the middle! The musicians blend together in a rockin’ DG stew.

The Band like “Let The Boy Down Easy” has background vocals and organ. Craig channels his gospel range here. #8 (Don’t Uncork The Bottle) Uncorks the DG’s at their Rockin’ best! This is what you’ll experience at a live DG’s show. Tasty playing, Hard Thumping and Ass Kicking! You might break a sweat just listening. “Love You Tight” is smooth 4/4 story telling with Rick leading the way. Everyone joins in the refrain and a nice country riff is surrounded by harp. The poignant “Hardly Working” has a Booker T beat with John Cooke on Organ. There is melodic interplay between Craig’s vocals and Charlie’s guitar. “I’m hardly workin’ and I wish I was workin’ hard”. “Follow You Down” is a quick Van Morrison style ditty that’s easy to take. “Reverends Daughter” strolls with a Sugar Ray Norcia flair. A kind of T-Bone strut mixed with DGs Boston tough. “Coming Home” is the crescendo of the album. Coming home to a DG’s style rockin’ blues! “Hard River Blues” sounds like it’s recorded through the harp mike. Jeff’s drumming is primitive and cool. There is a retro cool, artsy riff with Charlie on slide and vintage harp.

This self produced CD is a tasty Delta stew with a Boston swagger. It was engineered and mixed by Brad McCarthy at Stillpoint Sound. Get out and see the Delta Generators live, they bring “It”! Buy this CD. You will not be disappointed. Bravo!!

EDITORS NOTE: This CD is one of the # finalists in the Blues Foundations 2011 Best Self Produced CD competition. ( Zeke).


01 - Hard River To Row 02:49

02 - Too Many Cooks 03:15

03 - Field And Plow 03:03

04 - Canebrake 03:14

05 - Someday 03:44

06 - Give Me Some 03:04

07 - Let The Boy Down Easy 02:31

08 - Don't Uncork The Bottle 02:51

09 - Love You Tight 03:16

10 - Hardly Working 02:20

11 - Follow You Down 02:10

12 - Reverend's Daughter 02:57

13 - Coming Home 03:15

14 - Hard River Blues 03:12

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