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Southern Cross 2000 Thirteen Years In The Makin'

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:34
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United States

Wearing its affinity for Southern rock on its stonewashed jeans, the band formerly known as Renegade is making its recording debut at a watershed moment for the style.

It's been such a long time. A couple of months ago Southern Cross (formerly known as Renegade) released its first full-length work. That's after 14 years of togetherness, in the same lineup now as in 1986. Lack of money and of know-how and pop culture's fickle nature are to blame. Luckily for the band, interest in Southern rock has risen. Again. The band's self-released debut, Thirteen Years in the Makin', couldn't have been better timed.

The makeover Houston's longest-running (and possibly only) practitioner gives the style is refreshing. In fact, it's so refreshing -- and so bereft of irony -- that it verges on corny. Songs like "Poison," "Black Widow" and "Line upon the Sand" are built on Southern rock's best clichés: predictable arrangements and lurid lyrics about mean women and self-congratulation. Recorded piecemeal at Spanky's since 1989, Thirteen Years will sound alien to anyone whose idea of rock and roll doesn't involve sincerity. In a world of self-deprecating show-offs, Southern Cross is a true alternative.

"We've gone through years believing in this blues-based rock," says Gary Smith, Southern Cross guitarist/vocalist. "We were going against big-hair stuff and alternative stuff. Then Stevie Ray Vaughan got popular and kinda brought it back….It's exciting, it's rewarding, and it's a real confirmation for us. You know, you're always told, 'Do what you believe in and do it best you can,' and we work at that philosophy."

Being a walking, talking, performing anachronism has one distinct benefit: accessibility. Here are four guys, Gary Smith, Tom Bowman (guitar, vocals), Tim McCrary (bass, vocals) and Keith Brazzel (drums, vocals), all middle-aged, all local scene vets, all dedicated to their band and its sound. They play a brand of music that has developed a significant following over the years, and they stick to it. (Some of the songs on Thirteen Years are indeed that old.) When you, the listener, hear the words "Southern rock" and "Renegade" (or "Southern Cross") in the same sentence, you know what you're gonna get. Southern Cross delivers. (


01 - Poison 02:58

02 - Black Widow 02:43

03 - Line Upon The Sand 03:55

04 - Other End Of The Bitter End 04:08

05 - Human Destroyer 03:05

06 - Gunslinger 02:45

07 - Fishin' Song 03:08

08 - The Heartache You Instigate 03:16

09 - Last Last Call 05:36

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