Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ron Thompson 2016 Muddy Waters / Sugar Momma

In the days of 45's the Blues made it's move mainstream and with it came a young bluesman named Ron Thompson.

Back in the '60s you got six plays for a quarter on a jukebox at most places. 45’s were the retail rage back then and new releases were touted as having an A side and a B side. Every jukebox had rows upon rows of labels and each label listed the artist’s name in between the two songs. Their name was actually sandwiched in between the A side and B side titles. When someone punched the alpha numeric buttons on the machine the emotion that had been captured by the recording studio was reproduced in a big way. It was just too cool for words. Producer Neil Barnes has teamed with Ron Thompson once again and this time they are presenting what Neil shares as their digital 45. Check out Ron's two new songs on Sound Cloud - just click the link and hear both songs.

Side A - The Muddy Waters - is a song that Ron wrote and recorded by himself many years ago. It's interesting to note that except the drums Ron plays all the instruments on this track. "The Muddy Waters" is a very personal song. It is about how we fall off the bank, into the water, and get swept up and pulled along by the current. It's a killer groove for sure and Ron chose it as his A side.

Side B - Sugar Momma - is a definite straight ahead Delta Blues tune that contains some rather complicated chord inversions and timing changes. Ron invites harp man Neil Barnes to join him on this track and the tune comes together well. Neil commented that Ron gave him a lot of room on this song which he's very thankful for and additionally he remains extremely grateful to have had been invited to be on Sugar Momma with Ron.

About Ron Thompson:

Ron has released seven albums to date, his first one in 1983. His passion for the blues began in his teens when he picked up his first guitar and since then he’s never looked back. In the 70’s Ron was well known as the talented blues guitar sideman in San Francisco and in the years to come Ron would perform at the San Francisco Blues Festival three times, in '78, '79, and '83. Ron was also the leader of John Lee Hooker’s band for seven years starting in 1975. Later Ron would be nominated (1987) for a Grammy for his work on his second album “Resister Twister”. The man favors a Gibson slide guitar, the ES125 and he certainly likes this Strat. On Ron’s Wiki page he states that the "blues is like a medicine, or religion to me, it'll cleanse your soul". The man has graced the stage with a host of notables including Big Mama Thorton, Lowell Fulson, Etta James, and Little Joe Blue. Most recently, March 2016, Ron became the recipient of the Best Blues Album Award presented by the Akademia Music Awards. In their official announcement they share the following, "Ron Thompson's blues stylings map to just about every possibility of the genre, with two common qualities ‐ his extraordinary finesse with slide guitar technique and his gruff but amiable vocal aesthetic."

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