Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ray Wylie Hubbard 2006 Snake Farm

Genre: Blues
Rate: 260 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:43:22
Size: 79,55 MB

United States

Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Snake Farm" is one evil, growling monster of a record, a finely focused muscular effort that effuses grit, malice, and funk. The sound ripples with thick, raw grooves that compliment the subject matter: the devil, women, redemption and damnation, hexes, and guitars. Clearly, this stuff is middle-of-the-night music, fuel for bonfires, dice, and showdowns.

Though Mr. Hubbard's considerable sense of humor and keen wit are not lost, his music has changed a great deal. To see how dramatically Mr. Hubbard's, listen to "Dangerous Spirits," a much more freewheeling, country-laced sound. More specifically, compare the earlier, lilting version of Resurrection with the darker vibe that runs through the same song on "Snake Farm."

Nearly all the tracks feature Hubbard along with a now familiar cast of characters: his producer and guitar player Gurf Morlix, stalwart Rick Richards on drums, and steady George Reiff on bass. A smattering of guests keep matters interesting without altering the focus.

Time to get yourself down to the "Snake Farm." (loce_the_wizard)


01 - Snake Farm 03:54

02 - Kilowatts 03:41

03 - Heartaches And Grease 04:05

04 - The Way Of The Fallen 04:26

05 - Mother Hubbard's Blues 03:10

06 - Rabbit 03:14

07 - Polecat 04:23

08 - Old Guitar 03:58

09 - Wild Gods Of Mexico 03:29

10 - Live And Die Rock 'n' Roll 04:29

11 - Resurrection 04:33

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