Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NRBQ 1978 At Yankee Stadium

Genre: Rock
Rate: 258 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:30
Size: 65,15 MB

United States

This 1978 release is easily the best recording by this venerable group. "At Yankee Stadium" was a comeback of sorts. After their early recordings for Columbia and Kama Sutra, NRBQ spent the mid-'70's somewhat at loose ends. They recorded a fine album in 1976 for tiny Red Rooster records that disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, the group toured constantly on the college circuit, building a reputation as a great live act even as their recording career was in doubt. Their signing to Mercury Records and the release of "At Yankee Stadium" signaled an upturn in the band's fortunes.

NRBQ made the most of their opportunity. Their unique mix of old fashioned rock & roll, r & b, pop and other influences has never been on better display. The tunes are mostly originals and also are a highwater mark for the group. "I Want You Bad" ( later covered by Dave Edmunds) and "Green Lights" (covered by Bonnie Raitt) make their first appearance here. The boys also offer terrific covers of JohnnyCash's "Get Rhythm" and Joe Turner's (no, not Bill Haley) "Shake, Rattle and Roll."

The only negative aspect of this reissue is that "Riding In My Car," arguably one of the great NRBQ songs ever has been left off. It was included in the original LP configuration as a bonus, a song rescued from the lost Red Rooster album released two years earlier. I don't know why it wasn't placed on the CD, but its absence is regretable.

In any case, "At Yankee Stadium" somehow manages to be both fun and sweet. This is the NRBQ album to purchase if you want to hear them at their best. Oh, and when they play your town (and they will), go see them. I'm happy to say that at the end of 2000, NRBQ is still going strong. (Ron Frankl)


01 - Green Lights 02:56

02 - Just Ain't Fair 03:03

03 - I Love Her, She Loves Me 02:31

04 - Get Rhythm 03:02

05 - That's Nice, That's Neat 03:13

06 - Ain't No Free 03:27

07 - I Want You Bad 02:34

08 - The Same Old Thing 02:24

09 - Yes, Yes, Yes 02:57

10 - It Comes To Me Naturally 03:03

11 - Talk To Me 02:43

12 - Shake, Rattle And Roll 03:37

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