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NRBQ 1972 Scraps

Genre: Rock
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United States

NRBQ (New Rhythm And Blues Quartet) is THE best rock and roll band still playing today. Even back in the 60's when they started, they could have given the lads from Liverpool and those Rolling scruffs from London some serious competition (O.K. in songwriting , the Fabs got em, but as far as playing live, the NRBQ win over both). This is possibly their best recording with the songwriting, playing and singing top notch on all levels. The NRBQ never got the fame they deserve but maybe thats a good thing since you can still see them at a reasonable size club and they will 95% of the time tear the place down. When you consider their contemporaries are either playing Arena's with more of a circus act then a rock and roll show or are retired you start to question if fame and fortune is everythings its cracked up to be. (Howard S. Finkel)

Scraps is without question one of the best rock albums of the 1970s. The opening song, "Howard Johnson's Got His Ho-jo Working," is a jumping blues, showing off Terry Adams at his fun-loving best. "Magnet" is an artfully catchy ballad crooned by world-class bassist Joey Spampinato. "Tragic Magic" is a deceptively simple instrumental that sounds more impressive with each listen. All the tunes on this album deserve repeat listening. "Who Put the Garlic in the Glue" might wear thin, eventually -- it's the silliest song on Scraps. This collection shows NRBQ in their early prime, with Terry, Joey, Big Al Anderson and Tom Staley blending a wide variety of musical influences into an irresistible stew. "It's Not so Hard," another gem penned by Joey, could have neatly fit into place on the Beatles' "Rubber Soul." The best thing about "Scraps" is the infectious fun the four guys in NRBQ communicated as they played their talented heads off. It's hard to believe the band has had so little recognition over the years in terms of record sales. (a reader)


01 - Howard Johnson's Got His Ho-Jo Working 03:20

02 - Magnet 03:30

03 - Don't Knock At My Door 02:59

04 - Tragic Magic 01:52

05 - Only You 02:46

06 - Who Put The Garlic In The Glue 02:01

07 - Get A Grip 04:30

08 - Boys In The City 02:30

09 - New Tune 02:36

10 - Scraps 04:07

11 - It's Not So Hard 02:44

12 - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive - Things Are Getting Better 03:16

13 - Do You Feel It 02:51

14 - Ain't It All Right 02:23

15 - Just Close Your Eyes And Be Mine Ruby (Bonus Track) 03:18

16 - Hymn #9 (Bonus Track) 01:18

17 - Trouble At The Henhouse (Bonus Track) 02:16

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