Monday, November 7, 2016

Mississippi Heat 2008 Hattiesburg Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:02:43
Size: 116,73 MB

United States

On this recording I have added a Latin and a bit of a Gospel flavor, and I am thrilled they turned up as well as they did. Gospel is naturally inspiring to me. It easily can bring tears in my eyes. The music, lyrics, and vocal harmonies are so uplifting to me. Yet, as odd as it may sound, the “cry” so movingly expressed in blues music, moves me as profoundly as the Gospel “celebration” response. Go figure. I have always enjoyed the full range of emotions expressed by the music of African heritage as it developed through many different cultures in South America, the Caribbean Islands, and North America.

As far as the Latin dimension on this CD, they reveal my love for my wife Vickie and for her side of the family. From the time I first met my Cubanita about thirty years ago, she introduced me to a Latin musical world I would have never had the privilege of knowing and appreciating. Besides this obvious emotional ties to Latin music, I am also the lucky godfather to three beautiful children who are either born to Cuban parents (Alina , 23 years old; and Jasmin, 2 years old), or born with at least one Cuban parent (Nicolas, 7 years old). Adding to this list our many Latin friends, these songs add even more sentimental value.

Peace and Love,



01 - Tiger Man 04:06

02 - Chicago Is My Home 04:49

03 - Forgot You Had A Home 04:21

04 - How Much Worse Can It Get 05:33

05 - Soft-Hearted Woman 05:00

06 - Hattiesburg Blues 04:01

07 - Gone So Long 03:13

08 - Light From Within 05:58

09 - Calypso In Blue 05:34

10 - Hell And Back 05:30

11 - Say Something Good 04:23

12 - Foolish Man 04:42

13 - Nature Is Cryin' 05:33

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