Friday, November 18, 2016

Darrin James Band 2016 Strange Storm

Darrin James's 3rd full length album explores themes of today's "climate" of constant violence, blatant greed, religious hypocrisy and political chaos. The title, "Strange Storm," takes on new meanings as his music journeys through eclectic sonic landscapes and diverse influences from Woody Guthrie inspired folk, to Afrobeat, blues, and rock n' roll. The album features Thornetta Davis, Detroit's "Queen of the Blues," on supporting vocals and a stellar line-up of musicians from both Michigan and Detroit.

Members/Instruments (Musicians In Alphabetical Order)

Dan Bennett: Bari, Alto, Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Thornetta Davis: Backing Vocals on "Strange Storm," "All Around Us," and "Dangerous Kind"
Tim Haldeman: Tenor Saxophone
Ross Huff: Trumpet on "Strange Storm," "All Around Us," "Downdrafts Cold Fronts," and "Covert Mission Anthem"
Darrin James: Guitars, Vocals, Organ, Rhodes, Moog Synthesizer, Kalimba
Dave Johnsen: Bass
Phil Kester: Drums & Percussion except "Bombs Away" and "You Never Know"
Dan Piccolo: Drums and Percussion on "Bombs Away" and "You Never Know"
Ingrid Racine: Trumpet on "Bombs Away"
Heather Schwartz: Backing Vocals on "Bombs Away"
Justin Walter: Trumpet on "Dangerous Kind"
Brittany WIllis: Backing Vocals on "Bombs Away"

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