Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bill Toms & Hard Rain 1999 My Own Eyes

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:47
Size: 71,03 MB

United States

With his fifth solo release, Bill Toms comes out swinging. This record slams with a two fisted approach that leaves the listener with a standing 8 count and wanting to go the distance.

Eschewing the acoustical touches of his first 4 releases, Toms lets loose with all the fury of his guitar and crack band Hard Rain. Even the slow songs are loud and intense.

The first track, Another Round for the West End Kid, scream out of your speakers with a catchy riff that begs to be heard by the car next to you. The tale of a down on his luck boxer seems to be a springboard for the rest of the release.

Other standouts include the James Brown/George Clinton influenced I'll Take My Pride and collaboration with Joe Grushecky on She Takes Me Home.

This cd sounds both timeless and fresh at the same time. I can't give it high enough review. (C. Caresani)


01 - My Own Eyes 03:55

02 - Smithfield Cafe 05:08

03 - Mona Lisa Smile 04:29

04 - Don't Ever Say I Let You Down 04:37

05 - Somebody Call The Doctor, I Think I'm Gonna Blow 05:51

06 - Made In America 05:54

07 - Long Farewell 03:34

08 - Losing You Is Killing Me 04:30

09 - Welcome To The Human Race 03:06

10 - Right On Time 04:28

11 - Cover It Up 02:46

12 - It's Just The Rain Suzanne 03:29

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