Wednesday, November 23, 2016

BAP 1983 Bess Demnähx - Live

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:41:37
Size: 185,89 MB


The dialect of the Cologne rock band BAP is hard to understand even for a German (you should read the booklet with the translation: the lyrics are worth it), but the music will be understood by everybody who likes real "honest" rock songs. I was at a life concert in Hamburg/Germany, where even after several encores not only the audience but also the band were so enthusiastic that they kept on playing, unplugged, because the electricity had already been switched off. It was like a big party, the audience knew many songs by heart, especially the classics like "Verdamp lang her" (dammed long ago). I like Wolfgang Niedecken's intelligent lyrics and the soulful but nevertheless really rocking kind of music. (Dr. Karin M. Anderson)



01 - Wenn Et Bedde Sich Lohne Däät 05:23

02 - Ne Schöne Jroos 06:25

03 - Eins Für Carmen Un En Insel 03:34

04 - Do Kanns Zaubere 04:59

05 - Zehnter Juni 06:58

06 - Weisste Noch 04:57

07 - Kristallnaach 06:43

08 - Nemm Mich Met 05:57

09 - Ahn 'Ner Leitplank 06:21


01 - Su 'Ne Morje 03:15

02 - Helfe Kann Dir Keiner 06:25

03 - Verdamp Lang Her 07:41

04 - Frau Ich Freu Mich 07:36

05 - Waschsalon 02:38

06 - Liebesleed 06:02

07 - Stell Dir Vür 07:52

08 - Et Letzte Leed 04:48

09 - Hundert Mohl 04:03

Gamble for more BAP


Olli said...

just noticed you have recordings from BAP in your amazing collection. unfortunately the link for this album is no longer active. a re-upload would be very welcome. thanks

The Bluesgambler said...

Welcome Olli! This post has even 2 working links. Please (always) check the qr-code label or the animated smiley at the end of my posts to get the mirror links.

Olli said...

sorry, I had not realized that there were more links "hidden" in plain sight. Thank you for the advice