Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Shadows Of Knight 1992 Raw 'n' Alive At The Cellar, Chicago 1966

Genre: Rock
Rate: 176 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:42:39
Size: 53,52 MB

United States

For those of us who have seen The Shadows live and at The Cellar, we know the club was actually located in the NW burbs in Arlington Hts., IL. It was an one story industrial building which you could see from Route 14. One Saturday a buddy and I drove past and stopped because of a long line of kids. When we asked it was because The Who were playing. Yes, I saw The Who in a little club!

Anyway, The Shadows were like the house band at The Cellar and around the suburbs including clubs like New Place out by Cary, IL. This album captures that time and spirit in the raw power of the music. There is no subtlety on the CD - young guys playing their hearts out. The mix is terrible and memories real.

All the way from the lead singer dedicating a song to the Greasers to the primitive screams directly into the mic - this CD captures it all. If you want the memories or hear how the garage bands in the Midwest were like playing live, then this is the place to start. (John Mosman)


01 - I Got My Mojo Working 04:08

02 - Oh Yeah 03:45

03 - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day 02:24

04 - It Takes A Long Time Comin' 02:44

05 - Let It Rock 02:06

06 - Hey Joe 04:24

07 - Gospel Zone 01:56

08 - Got To Get You Off My Mind 01:47

09 - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 03:29

10 - Don't Fight It 04:02

11 - Spoonful 03:43

12 - Dark Side 01:59

13 - Gloria 06:12

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