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The Red Devils 1992 King King

Genre: Blues
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United States

Originally called the Blue Shadows, the band formed as an offshoot of roots rock/punk band The Blasters in 1988. They established themselves as the Monday-night house band of a Los Angeles neighborhood club, King King. Early members included Smokey Hormel, Dave Alvin, and Gene Taylor, but by 1990–1991, the lineup had more or less stabilized with drummer Bill Bateman, guitarist Dave Lee Bartel, bassist Jonny Ray Bartel (from The Knitters), singer/harmonica player Lester Butler, and guitarist Paul "The Kid" Size.

Their Monday night performances at the King King became popular with area residents and also drew "interest from the likes of ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC, and the then-red-hot Black Crowes. Queen guitarist Brian May showed up to jam one night..." Actor Bruce Willis and members of Motörhead, Dokken, and Red Hot Chili Peppers also joined in the jam sessions.

By early 1991, the Blue Shadows came to the attention of producers Rick Rubin and George Drakoulias of Def American Recordings. The band hoped that Drakoulias would work with them, but it became clear that Rubin was going to produce their debut album. According to guitarist Dave Lee Bartel, "He [Rubin] had the vision of it all". One of his first orders of business was a name change: the Blue Shadows became the Red Devils (a name once used by a rockabilly band with the Bartel brothers). Rubin decided that their debut album was going to be a live album, "a one-take, no-overdubs release, titled simply King King", and chose the songs and the cover art.

King King was recorded at the club during three or four of their regular Monday-night performances in 1991. It featured a mix of songs by blues figures such as Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Howlin' Wolf, and Willie Dixon along with some band originals. The album was released in July 1992 and an early review called it "the year's most electrifying live album, a stunning debut". (


01 - Automatic 03:28

02 - Goin' To The Church 04:18

03 - She's Dangerous 05:07

04 - I Wish You Would 03:28

05 - Cross Your Heart 04:44

06 - Tail Dragger 05:26

07 - Devil Woman 06:52

08 - No Fightin' 05:56

09 - Mr. Highway Man 03:47

10 - I'm Ready 03:59

11 - Quarter To Twelve 06:54

12 - Cut That Out 05:07

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