Monday, October 17, 2016

Laverne Butler 2001 A Foolish Thing To Do

Genre: Jazz
Rate: 267 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:55:13
Size: 95,76 MB

United States

Imagine an oceanside bar with the sound of glasses and murmur in the background. A piano under a solitary blue spotlight and an old RCA ribbon microphone in front of a classy-looking femme fatale. Get the picture? Well, this is what comes to mind when you listen to Butler's new CD.

Not as pristine as Diane Krall but as bluesy as Billie Holliday. Three cuts have string accompaniment which turns out to be a BIG plus! Thumbs up to producer Bruce Barth! MaxJazz has a way to release excellent CD's one after the other! This CD, Butler's second for MaxJazz, should receive some nominations in next year's awards! Highly recommended! (a customer)


01 - A Foolish Thing To Do 04:29

02 - The End Of A Love Affair 04:42

03 - Go Away Little Boy 05:13

04 - When I Fall In Love 03:43

05 - Dindi 06:10

06 - West Coast Blues 04:13

07 - Affinity 05:47

08 - Just One Of Those Things 04:40

09 - Make Someone Happy 04:35

10 - Make It Easy On Yourself 03:35

11 - Never Let Me Go 04:05

12 - Basin Street Blues 04:01

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