Friday, October 14, 2016

Chain 2005 Sweet Honey

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:34
Size: 113,31 MB


Chain have set the standard for original blues-based music in Australia for over three decades and with the release of their latest album ‘Sweet Honey”, another benchmark has arrived in the long history of this legendary band.

While they remain true to the roots of the blues they grew up listening to, their songs are true originals in the tradition they have created themselves, now formally recognized as ‘Oz Blues’ after the album of that name from 1982. Chain have survived the vagaries of the music industry with virtually no support from within the mainstream radio or corporate component, due in large part to their dedication and persistence and the loyalty of their almost fanatical audience.

Their music defies normal categorization and is powerful and compelling, as well as quirky and left-of-centre. It is these qualities and their musicianship that makes them true Australian blues masters. ‘Sweet Honey’ includes all these defining qualities, from the soul-based ‘Cold Wind Blowin’, story-telling ‘Northern Sun’ and rocking ‘Saturday Night at the Trocadero’, to the sublime blues of ‘It Makes No Difference’. This will be once again a definitive album and sets a new standard in the ever-progressing Oz Blues tradition... a must in any roots music collection! (


01 - Cold Wind Blowin' 02:56

02 - Texas 04:49

03 - Northern Sun 05:56

04 - Saturday Night AtThe Trocadero 03:53

05 - Sweet Honey 04:27

06 - It Makes No Difference 05:06

07 - The Haj 04:14

08 - Welcome 04:24

09 - Early Flight 04:35

10 - A. M. Boogie 05:12

11 - Cornflakes 04:02

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