Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Incredible Blues Puppies 2008 In The Doghouse

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:15
Size: 128,65 MB

United Kingdom

Strong, but not tough. Swinging, but not in overdrive. Electric, but no high voltage. Traditional, but mainly own work. No fuss, simply professional. This platter of fifteen songs, mostly originals, tastes even better than the previous Puppies offering. As is to be expected, Alan Glen is pivotal to the band as a composer, guitarist and, of course, harmonica ace. The recruitment of staccato guitarist John O’Reilly (formerly the main pillar of The Blues Engineers), is an excellent quality move. It takes guts to play T-Bone Walker, but O’Reilly doesn’t even allow us to doubt his capacities. Together with safe values Don Coccia on drums and Bob Haddrell on vocals and keys, this gentle record will make you toss and turn from start to finish.

This British quintet (the core of which also forms the backbone of the jazzloungy Barcodes) fancies Chicago blues, but is equally mad about swing, country, lounge and folkblues-with-kazoo! (remember the days when everyone covered San Francisco Bay?). Alen Glen lured some friends into the studio allowing us to enjoy the mighty (and heavily underrated) soul voice of Paul Cox, Gypie Mayo’s cult guitar, Art Themen’s glorious saxophone and the forgotten harmonica of Shakey Vick. (Eddy Bonte)


01 - Tuff Days 03:28

02 - I Don't Get It 04:14

03 - Zip Your Lip 03:35

04 - A Hard Way To Suffer 03:41

05 - Away From Here 02:27

06 - Too Bad 04:10

07 - Chilled Down To The Bone 04:43

08 - Mean Mistreatin' Mama 06:05

09 - Shivering In My Shoes 03:09

10 - No Time For You 04:08

11 - In The Doghouse 02:26

12 - Don't Keep Me Waiting 02:32

13 - Hungry Man 04:06

14 - Gerard's Jump 02:45

15 - Got Love If You Want It 04:46

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