Friday, September 16, 2016

The Dusters 1990 This Ain't No Jukebox...

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:41
Size: 88,47 MB

United States

Review by Alex Henderson

When the Dusters (who've also gone by the Capitol City Dusters) proudly titled this CD This Ain't No Jukebox.....We're a Rock 'n' Roll Band, they meant every word of it. Not a band who goes for a slick, high-gloss production style, nor a group who lace their rock with a lot of pop, this power trio favors instruments that are played instead of programmed and takes a raw, gritty approach to blues-rock, hard rock, and roots-rock.

The Dusters are obviously well aware of rock's blues heritage, and that knowledge serves them well on earthy, down-and-dirty cuts like "Street Legal," "How Much Longer," and "Blues Highway" -- all of which make you feel like you've just wandered into a biker bar. This album isn't the least bit innovative, but it's certainly rewarding and spirited. In fact, one could say that This Ain't No Jukebox.....We're a Rock 'n' Roll Band is derivative in the best sense of the word.


01 - This Ain't No Jukebox...We're A Rock 'n' Roll Band 02:58

02 - Take A Chance On Love 02:33

03 - The Truck Won't Start 03:12

04 - Phantom Of The Strip 03:34

05 - How Could You 04:24

06 - Hellbound Train 05:02

07 - Street Legal 04:01

08 - What Can I Say 05:15

09 - Blues Highway 03:55

10 - Look What The Cat Drug In 03:47

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