Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lost Bayou Ramblers 2003 Pilette Breakdown

Genre: Cajun-Zydeco
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:08
Size: 43,09 MB

United States

While many modern Cajun bands emphasize gimmicky tunes and meld multiple genres in order to generate success(think Wayne Toups), the Lost Bayou Ramblers stand firmly against the tide by playing tunes that sound just as comfortable in the modern world as they would in the days of such greats as the Balfa Brothers, Nathan Abshire, and Joe Falcon. In fact, I'll stick my neck out and say that the Lost Bayou Ramblers are probably the best modern Cajun group around these days.

They sound great on tunes like "Moi J'Connais Pas" and "Raine Stomp." Also, tunes like "Louisiana Boogie Woogie" let you know that the Michot brothers know where they came from AND where they are going. This album is perfect for anyone longing to hear music from the good ol' days. I have no problem playing this for my father, because I know he won't be hearing a sell out artist when he hears these guys play.

My favorite tunes on this album are "Holly Beach" and "Tu Peut Cogner." I'm sure you'll love this album as well. Highly recommended, and I can't forget to mention the wonderful liner notes supplied on this disc by one Ryan A. Brasseaux. He manages to give you an expertly written introduction to the Ramblers and a little bit of a history lesson. All around, this is one good album. (Ken Fontenot)


01 - Pilette Breakdown 03:23

02 - Tu Peut Cogner 02:34

03 - O Bebe 03:02

04 - Tu Peut Pas M'arreter De Rêver 03:28

05 - Blue De La Frontier (Border Blues) 03:00

06 - Moi J'connais Pas 03:19

07 - Melville 2-Step 03:36

08 - O Bye/Bluerunner 05:25

09 - Louisiana Boogie Woogie 02:55

10 - Holly Beach (Les Bon Temps Rouler) 02:42

11 - Rainé Stomp 03:18

12 - Chameaux 1-Step 03:08

13 - La Valse Criminelle 03:07

14 - Café Chaud 01:45

15 - Happy Hop 02:26

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