Monday, September 12, 2016

Jorma Kaukonen 2007 Stars In My Crown

Genre: Folk
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:43
Size: 120,60 MB

United States

Jorma has cultivated a time honored set of personal spiritual tunes that are uniquely reflective and reverent. His guitar mastery fosters renewed interpretation of old time blues classics as well as leads us to new revelations. I loved how Jorma crafted the tribute to American country blues heritage on his previous recording, Blue Country Heart. The tradition is furthered happily with Stars in My Crown. We are gifted to Jorma's keen jeweler's eye as each track becomes a fine cut diamond. Jorma carves out for the listener an instinctual sound that enlists our trust by building a mutual affinity.

Jorma's maturity as an artist combines intuitive depth with focused simplicity. There are several enchanting new songs to engage you such as Late Breaking News and Heart Temporary. I have yearned to hear Jorma Kaukonen to record more Rev. Gary Davis songs. He appeases that need by including two of his songs on the CD, There's a Table Sitting in Heaven and Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown. Another new song, Living In The Moment places us on the Fur Peace Ranch back porch rocking alongside Jorma in our easy chair.

Jorma, thank you for an insightful series of spiritual tunes that deepens our awareness and embellishes the music of our heart and souls! (Edje)


01 - Heart Temporary 05:13

02 - Fur Peace Rag 03:01

03 - By The Rivers Of Babylon 04:54

04 - Living In The Moment 03:57

05 - Late Breaking News 03:04

06 - Come Back Baby 05:47

07 - Mighty Hard Pleasure 03:32

08 - No Demon 03:07

09 - There's A Table Sitting In Heave 03:54

10 - When The Man Comes Around 04:04

11 - A Life Well Lived 04:01

12 - Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown 03:56

13 - Preacher Picked The Guitar 03:09

14 - Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown (Instrumental) 01:04

Gamble for more Jorma Kaukonen


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