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Highway Robbery 1972 For Love Or Money

Genre: Hard Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:29
Size: 76,61 MB

United States

This is one really good hard rock album with heavy metal tendencies occasionally coming around to make the music even wilder. While I wouldn't go far enough to say Highway Robbery stands among the best hard rock bands of the 70's mainly because there's only one album to go by, and also because it's somewhat derivative of most hard rockers of the time, that doesn't change the fact the music is really magnificent based on some stellar songwriting and strong vocal melodies.

"Mystery Rider" opens with a cool echoey guitar riff and soaring, futuristic Jefferson Starship-like vocals. Interesting because Jefferson Starship wasn't yet releasing albums when this For Love or Money album came out. A powerful chorus too. "Fifteen" begins with a really heavy guitar assault, an indication this band means business. Lyrics about contemplating ones own life and growing confused as he or she grows older which is interesting because as far as I know only Alice Cooper's "Eighteen" describes that teenage kind of situation. "No need to worry because it's going to be fine" is a meaningful line.

"All I Need (to Have is You)" contains a softly sung sincere vocal melody. "All I need to have is you, please believe in what I do, and stand beside me when I'm blue" is a really nice line that reminds me of the mid 70's Bang period of the James Gang. "Lazy Woman" is one of the heavier songs here. Humble Pie-like (or rather "Stone Cold Fever" specifically) guitar lines appearing in between the vocals, and a really cool guitar jam in the middle. "Lazy woman I tell you what to do" is a lyric/vocal melody that packs a lot of punch and fury. This song is extremely heavy but I wouldn't say it's heavy in a Black Sabbath kind of way. No the Sabbath comparisons I've been reading about have been grossly exaggerated. More like heavy in an early Deep Purple style which is really powerful and awesome too, but these guys don't possess that sludgy heavy Sabbath guitar sound.

"Bells" has delicate and soulful lyrics that switch into stronger rocking soul with some really well-timed and natural sounding tempo changes. The atmosphere is really friendly and welcoming too. "Bells are ringing hear them singing" is a great line. The screamer vocals remind me of John Lawton from the early to mid 70's band Lucifer's Friend. "Ain't Gonna Take No More" has an aggressive guitar riff with hyper blues tendencies. Appropriately captures the feeling of not taking it ( that being anyone's crap) anymore. Heavy and exciting guitar riff, and cool riff exchanges at the very end.

"I'll Do It All Again" is more interesting lyrical content about figuring out life and love during a confusing time after losing important valuable things. The notes that open the tune remind me of a Cream song but I'm not sure which one. Very soulful song that gradually gets heavy as the lead singer intensifies his voice which unintentionally reminds me of the lead singer from the pop/rock band Sparks (Russel Mael). "Promotion Man" has a catchy guitar riff in the intro with strange lyrics about a working promotional band. Cool guitar riff and tempo change during the "Yeah yeah yeah" part, and an extended bluesy/metal guitar workout throughout the second half that saves it.

Honestly For Love or Money isn't amazing for its heaviness because a ton of early 70's bands are equally heavy, but the sincere lyrics, strong and compassionate vocal melodies, memorable guitar riffs and pretty good songwriting makes Highway Robbery one underrated band. Oh and the guy posing on the right on the album cover? He looks like Rod Stewart doesn't he! (Bryan)


01 - Mystery Rider 03:02

02 - Fifteen 02:57

03 - All I Need (To Have Is You) 04:17

04 - Lazy Woman 05:40

05 - Bells 03:24

06 - Ain't Gonna Take No More 03:56

07 - I'll Do It All Again 04:13

08 - Promotion Man 06:00

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