Friday, August 5, 2016

How To Download Files From Hulkload

Here is a short tutorial how to download files from Hulkload:


First of all:

For a proper internet experience you should use a browser with an adblocker add-on.

For example:


Otherwise you will not find any download button due to up-popping windows, overlays and blinking advertising.

Let's start with the tutorial how to download something from Hulkload:

1. solve the captcha

2. click on the button "create download link"

You will be redirected to a page like this:

click the button I marked on the sreenshot and the download will start.

Never click on one of the other buttons! Here you will get a download accelerator which will install lots of advertising on your computer.


Juliane said...

Sorry, but Hulkload sucks BIG TIME!
I have installed Firefox with unblock-origin as you recommended it and tried to download the Malted Milk album you shared in October.

However, there is no captcha coming up, only a countdown leading to a "Create Download Link" button which will either have no effect at all or prompt me to install various games end extensions.

The page says the album has been downloaded 11 times so far. I wonder how people really managed to do so.

The Bluesgambler said...

why not take the zippy link, or the userscloud link or best of all use jdownloader

Hulkload I see only as a backup option for my links as the policy of this hoster promises that the files never will be deleted.