Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jimmy Bowskill 2003 Old Soul

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:01
Size: 98,82 MB


Even though he is a bit older now (and still kickin' bootie) Jimmy Bowskill can wail. This Canadian kid has more talent in his pinky than most young artists these days, and I hope sometime in the future I can see him live. He really sold it for me when I heard Honeybee and Weekend Fish Fry on Old Soul. I am now in the process of listening to his latest stuff. Give this guy a chance, he's the new, bright face of the blues. (viajera80)


01 - Life's So Peculiar 03:23

02 - Be Mine 03:04

03 - Work 'til My Days Are Gone 03:59

04 - Honeybee 02:38

05 - Kindhearted Woman Blues 05:22

06 - Weekend Fish Fry 03:40

07 - Schoolhouse 03:29

08 - Who's Knockin' 01:44

09 - Livin' With The Blues 04:28

10 - Deep Blue 03:56

11 - Blues Don't Like Nobody 04:24

12 - Ramblin' On My Mind 06:34

13 - Hotspell 04:23

14 - Stones In My Passway 02:57

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Brad Webb & Friends ? Vol. 3

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:45
Size: 61,38 MB

United States

Brad Webb and Friends III has special guest Blind Mississippi Morris, Ollie Nightengale, Joe Turner, Howard Grimes, Uncle Ben and Miss Zeno, just to name a few Memphis greats that appear on this CD. (Brad Webb)


01 - Good Woman Blues 03:13

02 - Gonna Have Some Fun 05:51

03 - Thought It Was Love 04:06

04 - The Best Is Yet To Come 05:24

05 - Live It Down 04:06

06 - Sleeping With One-Eye Open 04:36

07 - Can't Keep Up 04:00

08 - Thank The Lord 03:20

09 - Can't Get Down 03:07

10 - You Make Me Feel Good 03:12

11 - Photograph 03:50

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Does anyone know when this album was recorded? Please post the date in comment section.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

John Nemeth 2009 Love Me Tonight

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:57
Size: 102,81 MB

United States

Brimming with energy, John’s new CD is tougher and edgier. Németh re-visits the inspired sounds of the 50's and 60's when Chicago blues was adding funk and rock to the mix. By reinvigorating the sound of vintage American R&B with his spine-tingling vocals and considerable songwriting skills, John has crafted a timeless slice of American music. Frequent collaborator Elvin Bishop guests on two tracks.


01 - Love Me Tonight 02:47

02 - Just Like You 04:03

03 - Fuel For Your Fire 04:40

04 - Too Good To Be True 02:42

05 - Daughter Of The Devil 04:03

06 - My Troubled Mind 03:51

07 - Where You Been 03:03

08 - She's My Heart's Desire 04:37

09 - Love Gone Crazy 04:52

10 - Country Boy 04:14

11 - Blues In My Heart 06:05

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Debbie Davies 1997 I Got That Feeling

Genre: Blues
Rate: 266 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:46:34
Size: 92,10 MB

United States

This may not be as "Raw" as Debbies first 2 albums, but, I think it's obvious that it wasn't meant to be. She also has Tab Benoit & Coco Montoya as guests (if you don't know about these guys you're missing out). If you're already a Debbie fan don't pass on this one. (B. Thompson)


01 - Howlin' At The Moon 04:23

02 - Tired Angels 03:49

03 - I Got That Feeling 04:04

04 - Watch Your Step 03:44

05 - Let The Heartaches Begin 03:21

06 - Lucky In Love 03:39

07 - Bad For Me 03:05

08 - Where You Keep The Love In This Town 05:03

09 - Rockin' You Baby 03:24

10 - Homework 04:14

11 - Talk To Me 03:35

12 - I Could Get Used To This 04:13

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Tommy Conwell & The Little Kings 1997 Sho Gone Crazy

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:47
Size: 32,72 MB

United States

Rockabilly fans can celebrate a practically perfect album in Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings' Sho' Gone Crazy. The music starts fast and furious, and it never really slows down. To top it off, the quality of the music, lyrics and performances is as fine as anyone could ask for. The liner notes claim this is Tommy Conwell doing music on his own terms; in that case, he should always be allowed to do music on his own terms if it is going to be as fine as this.

From the first number, "Pony Time," the pattern of lively, hopping fun reminiscent of the '50s is set. "All God's Children Wanna Rock" bops along and proves that if they don't beforehand, they certainly will when they hear this song. "Moaning," despite its sad-sounding title, is a moving musical number that will tear up the dance floor, starring the sassy sax of Darryl Ray Jenkins. The funny, snappy lyrics of "Bad Haircut" keep the pace and add even more light and levity to the proceedings, as does "Going on Down Here." "Want You to Feel Good" mixes Conwell's fine vocals with that snappy sax for an unforgettable swing. "Mashed Potatoes" brings in a slight change of style without slowing the pace, but does not fail to show off its rockabilly roots. Heart and soul is poured into the performance of "Let Go," and I defy anyone to keep their feet still while this one rocks along. "Get Down" is a fine, frisky, frenzied tune that sweeps all in its path along with it.

Continuing the crazy, swinging pace is the solid song "Betty Jean." "That's All" is another fine number with just the right feel to it. You have to love the sax in "Bottle Woman," a smooth, sweet swing. I knew they would eventually have to slow down, but not by very much -- or not so that you notice a great deal with "It's Raining." It's a sad ballad of lost love and rain, nostalgic in feel, but fresh and lively. "Boogie Picking" is the ultimate in truth in advertising, and these boys do not give their instruments any rest in the final song on the CD.

The group consists of Conwell on guitar and vocals, Jenkins on tenor saxophone, Pat Coppa on bass and Paul Ramagano on drums. They should all take several moments to pat themselves on the back for a job well done. It is not often that a CD comes along with every song a winner and played with such skill and obvious love of the genre. (


01 - Pony Time 02:25

02 - All Gods Children Wanna Rock 02:10

03 - Moanin' 02:55

04 - Bad Haircut 02:27

05 - Goin' On Down Here 02:03

06 - Want You To Feel Good Top 02:34

07 - Mashed Potatoes 02:22

08 - Let Go 02:15

09 - Get Down And Ride 02:14

10 - Betty Jean 03:01

11 - That's All 02:28

12 - Bottle Woman 03:14

13 - It's Raining 02:07

14 - Boogie Pickin' 03:32

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Dieter Kropp 2010 Schönen Gruß Vom Blues!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:35
Size: 74,26 MB


Der Mann mit der Mundharmonica ist zurück! Seitdem er sich von seiner Homecombo, den 'Barbeque Boys', getrennt hat und seinen Weg alleine geht, ist viel passiert.

Und das Ergebnis ist diese neue CD mit 14 Stücken, die durchweg auf Deutsch gesungen werden. Und was soll ich sagen, Dieter Kropp hat sich selbst übertroffen! Durch den Einsatz von Bläsern ist eine Scheibe entstanden, die wirklich alle glücklich machen kann. Von Swing über den geliebten Blues bis hin zu Rock 'n' Roll, diese Scheibe bietet alles. Sie startet mit einem beschwingten Swingblues und endet mit einer Bluesballade, doch alle Songs sind mit dem typischen Kropp'schen Augenzwinkern getextet und komponiert.

Dieter Kropp ist ja nicht nur ein hervorragender Musiker, sondern auch ein genialer Entertainer, und das schimmert sogar auf dieser Studio-CD durch. Er paart Rock'n'Roll, Blues und Retro-Schlager mit seiner energiegeladener Frische, Schnoddrigkeit und entwaffnender Ehrlichkeit ohne dabei den Spaß aus den Augen zu verlieren.

Seine Live-Auftritte sind immer eine gelungene Mischung aus hervorragender Musik und seiner charmanten Performance, wer Dieter Kropp einmal live gesehen hat, wird wissen was ich meine. Aber auch beim zweiten und dritten Hören wissen die durchweg witzigen und intelligenten Texte zu gefallen. Dies ist eindeutig keine Einweg-Musik, sondern Genuss für eine lange Zeit. Für mich ist diese Scheibe eine der unterhaltsamsten Neuerscheinungen der letzten Zeit und sicher mein ständiger Wegbegleiter in den Sommer. (Ambo-Art)


01 - Doktor Blues 02:47

02 - Zentrale Tanzschaffe 03:20

03 - Finanzgenie 02:17

04 - Dem Fräulein Gegenüber 02:46

05 - Wenn In Der City Die Laternen Blühen 02:23

06 - Sammler Und Jäger 02:28

07 - Schönen Gruß Vom Blues 03:06

08 - Klammerblues 02:44

09 - Multifunktional 02:53

10 - Profi 02:27

11 - Dicker Fingerring 04:26

12 - Deine Scharfen Moleküle 01:49

13 - Vertrau Niemals Einer Hübschen Frau 02:38

14 - Ich Stand An Meinem Grabe 04:31

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kellie Rucker 2006 Ain't Hit Bottom

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:54
Size: 102,68 MB

United States

Kellie Rucker is perhaps one of this country's best kept secrets, but shouldn't be. Her CD Ain't Hit Bottom is, in short, awesome. Kellie anchors this well-produced CD with drop-dead gorgeous, gritty vocals and a mean blues harp. While other artists make good contributions, it's Kellie who takes center stage and a commanding ownership all 11 tunes. Even the photo of Kellie on the front of the CD invites you to listen, which you will do many times. (Les Reynolds)


01 - Ain't I The Right One 04:38

02 - Bed Of Lies 03:49

03 - Blues Is Blues 04:57

04 - Ain't Hit Bottom 03:04

05 - Don't Need To Know 04:56

06 - Cook For You 04:18

07 - My Own Little World 03:02

08 - Nothin' To Lose 04:01

09 - Tied Up, Tied Down And Twisted 04:21

10 - Rollin' In Clover 04:29

11 - Walkin' By Myself 03:19

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Mostar Sevdah Reunion 2001 Saban Bajramovic - A Gypsy Legend

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:09
Size: 121,03 MB

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sadan Bajramovic is definitely an old-school gypsy singer, with several decades of experience behind him. But don't confuse age with taking it easy. His voice might not have the sharp edge it once did, but the energy is quite apparent, and there's no lack of commitment to the music, especially as he's backed by one of the best gypsy groups around on this set of mostly well-known gypsy songs.

His version of "Djelem" is nothing short of stunning, but an emotional spin on an old favorite. But it's just one among many jewels here, with everything electrifying, and the backing, mixing Rom music with some jazz, is every bit as effective as the singing. But it's the final cut, "Pitao Sam Malog Puza," which is the real killer, with Bajramovic letting loose some fearsome howls and singing as if his life depended on it.

Female gypsy singers have received a fair amount of notice in the past. If you want to hear one of the male greats, this is the place. (


01 - Jasmina 04:43

02 - Pelno Me Sam 05:37

03 - Hanuma 04:11

04 - Avaj, Avaj Mo Cavo 06:11

05 - Pena 05:22

06 - Sila Kale Bal 02:37

07 - Djeli Mara 04:29

08 - Opa Cupa 03:46

09 - Djelem, Djelem 04:46

10 - Boza, Limunada 03:43

11 - Dade, Dade 05:11

12 - I Barval Pudela 02:33

13 - Sajbija 04:14

14 - Pitao Sam Malog Puza 08:46

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Big Mama 2005 Blues Rooted

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:02
Size: 130,59 MB



BIG MAMA : Vocals and guitar
DAVID SOLER: Pedal-steel guitar
MANEL ALVAREZ : Bass and contrabass
ERWYN SEERUTTON : Drums, washboard, banjo, ravanne and maravanne
ENRIC CANADA: Percussions


01 - Africa 04:38

02 - Phrase (Illuminations) 03:14

03 - Babylon System 04:08

04 - Shine 03:11

05 - Tibet Lliure 04:15

06 - You're Up! 03:00

07 - Victor Jara's Blues 04:28

08 - Blues Rooted 02:43

09 - Blues A La Lluna 04:27

10 - Out Of Bounds Blues 03:57

11 - The Way I Feel 03:32

12 - Why Don't You Do Right 04:57

13 - Someday (You'll Be Sorry) 04:12

14 - Just A Closer Walk With Thee 03:46

15 - L'ànima De Les Flors 02:34

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