Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tony Vega Band 2004 Tastes Like Love

Genre: Blues
Rate: 268 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:50:31
Size: 97,73 MB

United States

This new CD really captures THE LIVE TVB SOUND! Preston Hubbard (ex Fabulous Thunderbirds & Roomful of Blues bassist) described it best, while working on the project, "yeah man, it's the Fabulous Thunderbirds meets the Stones!" The goal for me, production wise, was to make it sound like my favorite records of yesteryear. All of those old Memphis studio recordings, all of the old Chess and Stax records sound warm, organic, and fat!! And you could really hear that natural room reverb! That's what I was going for. The most important thing is the songs! Along with some of my very own new songs, this is a collection of some of my favorite songs! There are no "fillers" on this record. Every song bumps! It's a rocker. Grab a cold one & play it loud my friend! (Peace & Love, Tony Vega)


01 - Swingin' Charlie 03:07

02 - Automatic 03:33

03 - Trick Or Treat 04:30

04 - Hey Mama 07:11

05 - Mumbo Jumbo 04:52

06 - Hard To Love 02:51

07 - Fly 05:02

08 - Jimmie Lee 03:21

09 - Devil's Daughter 05:41

10 - Too Many Drivers 05:49

11 - Silver Belly 04:34

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