Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jason Ricci 1997 Down At The Juke

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:51
Size: 109,49 MB

United States


Jason Ricci: Harmonica & Vocals
Bobby Little: Drums
Takeshi Imura: Bass
Akira Shimizu: Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Al Rollag: Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Enrico Crivellaro: Guitar
John Scalici: drums
Eric Deaton: bass/guitar
Kenney Kimbrough: drums

Recorded in Memphis TN, produced by Billy Gibson this was my second recording ever. I was living with Junior Kimbrough and got Kenny to play drums on the CD. I was doing some North Ms style tunes a ways before any other white guys were except Kenny Brown and Eric Deaton who went on to back RL Burnside, Junior, T-Model and Paul Wine (Now of Afrosippi) I was doing 'em pretty punk though, The tune "Snow Flakes and Horses" was first recorded here. The Blues world at that time was not too into the Punk-Blues sound and I got some pretty rough reviews for it but now here it appears as chronological evidence! The Tunes on this are fun for sure and great for harp.

I was still using a Bullet mic, It sounds great here. Enrico Crivellaro went on to play with James Harman and Etta James. Bobby Little on Drums use to play with Earl Hooker and it shows his drumming is incredibly unique, innovative at times quirky but always swings and supports and strange but effective ways. Bobby was working as an Icecream truck driver at the time, I was sometimes staying on Billy Gibson's couch when not in Holly Springs, Eric was still lying to his parents about college in Oxford so he cold play with RL and Junior, Billy was playing with a 15 or 16 year old Sean Costello and learning Jazz, Enrico Crivellaro was over from Italy visiting us while taking guitar lessons from Ronnie Earl, Akira and Takeshi were friends's of Billy's and were in Memphis from Japan both are monster players I think they were under 21 on this CD. Al was playing with everyone around Memphis at that time. Well Thats what happened...

The Songs are fun there are some stand outs on this including me the Moon Cat on Guitar playing a Junior inspired original. It's fun to listen to a more traditional sounding me you can here my first influences by the great Pat Ramsey. On tunes like No Progression I think you can hear the very first emergence of my style today creeping in.

You all should dig this one. I love Ms March, Shakey's Jump, Should Desire... This CD has kick ass musicians all over it.


01 - Down At The Juke 03:53

02 - Shakey's Jump 03:44

03 - Mississippi March 04:20

04 - Delta Dip 06:12

05 - Things Ain't What They Used To Be 05:34

06 - Delta Nova 04:44

07 - Can't Close Our Eyes 07:03

08 - Snowflakes & Horses 04:12

09 - No Progression 05:44

10 - My Blood Is Yours 06:24

11 - Soul Desire 08:01

Gamble for more Jason Ricci


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