Wednesday, July 13, 2016

J. D. Simo 2001 Burnin' Live

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 32 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:51
Size: 38,97 MB

United States

I had the great pleasure of wandering into a honky tonk last night in Nashville to find JD playing with some buddies. I hear a lot of music, a lot of live music, and nine times out of ten I go away saying "gee, what happened to the energy, to the excitement I used to feel?"

Not last night-- it was everything that a night out hearing a hot band is supposed to be. JD is the real deal, playing with passion in a fabulous glitzy Manuel suit, he roared through "Orange Blossom Special" at crazy speeds, gave us a little Hendrix, plenty of Merle, Marty and Johnny and served notice that this is a performer to watch.

He's not just high speed SRV licks . . . there's a musicality, sense of fun, and overall maturity that one doesn't see all that often. And the freshness and enthusiasm, playing hour after hour . . .go see this guy. You won't be sorry. (Crocodilian)


01 - Can't You Hear The Wind Howl 29:51

02 - Lost Your Way 03:36

03 - The One 10:16

04 - Remembering You 05:23

05 - Them Changes 04:45

Gamble for more J. D. Simo

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