Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pinetop Perkins 1976 Boogie Woogie King

Genre: Blues
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United States

Review by Ron Wynn

Although he did not have an album issued under his name as a leader until 1988, pianist Pinetop Perkins actually should have had one released in 1976, when he cut the eight tracks on this recently reissued Evidence CD for the Black and Blue label. They did not appear until 1992, which is a shame. Perkins' trademark boogie-woogie riffs, rumbling rhythms, left-hand lines, and spinning phrases were in fine form. His accompaniment and supporting phrases behind guitarist/vocalist Luther Johnson Jr. are equally tasty and inviting. Johnson, as erratic a performer as any in contemporary blues, came ready to play and sing on this date. His vocals had plenty of grit, conviction, and energy, while his playing had no excesses and was delivered with zip and flair.


01 - Pinetop Is Just Top 06:16

02 - Pinetop's Boogie Woogie 04:34

03 - Take A Little Walk With Me 04:52

04 - Rockin' The Boogie 05:18

05 - So Many Days 05:29

06 - Jackson Town Gal 04:40

07 - Sweet Black Angel 05:17

08 - Lend Me Your Love 04:48

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