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J. D. Simo 2002 One Night Stand

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:12:31
Size: 116,16 MB

United States

By the time One Night Stand was recorded in 2002, J.D. Simo had been captivating local music lovers in the Phoenix area for two years with powerhouse live gigs that displayed the overwhelming guitar skills and dynamic stage presence that left audiences of all ages blown away at every show! This CD features many of the high-energy tunes he had been featuring in his live show during this period. There are nine original tunes here that show his songwriting skills are very solid, but it is Simo's explosive guitar playing that is the main attraction throughout this rockin' CD that is J.D.'s first studio recording.

Yes, there is an awful lot of Stevie Ray Vaughan in his guitar work here, but the sheer firepower generated by J.D.'s fingers defies what any 16 year old should be able to do with a guitar! Say what you will, but this CD proves J.D. Simo can rock a guitar as well as anybody you'll hear anywhere! His BLISTERING 10 minute version of Stevie Ray's "Texas Flood" is astonishing when you realize that few guitarists besides Stevie himself could tear this song to pieces the way Simo does here! Without J.D.'s vocals, you would swear it is Stevie Ray playing on this track!! I watched Simo play this tune live many times and it never failed to bring the house down.

There is also a raw, powerful version of Freddie King's "Going Down" that is another tour de force. Simo's solos are like lightning on this one. "Doin' all right" is a nice roots rocker with a Chuck Berry flavor, and he also lays down a heartfelt rock ballad called "Til the Morning Comes". "Six String Blues" is another solid blues featuring Arizona's veteran harmonica player Hans Olson. "Capture Me", "Just Begun", and the title song are all strong Simo originals, and although his singing doesn't reach the high level of his guitar playing on this CD, he sings far better than most rock stars on the radio today. The CD ends with a soothing guitar instrumental called "City Limits". Then we are treated to J.D's "Mystery Bonus Track" which is a blues-rock classic recorded by two very familiar legendary guitarists who would be quite impressed with this young guitar master if they were alive to hear him today.

This album has a raw feel to it that sounds like it could have been taped at one of Simo's blistering bar gigs. The rock solid rhythm section here is Simo's original band from Arizona, bassist Tom Feigenbaum and drummer Thomas "Freight Train" Walker. Any blues-rock fan should find much to enjoy in this CD, but you must see J.D. Simo on stage to experience the true magnitude of his talent and presence.

I clearly remember a great show at an underground bar in Tempe Arizona a year before this CD was recorded. The place was full of young college kids who knew nothing about Simo or the great blues music he was playing. That didn't stop every single person in the bar from gathering around the stage in silence, totally captivated by Simo's electrifying performance! He gave the crowd everything he had, and I've never seen a local act hold an audience in the palm of his hand like Simo did that night. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen!

If a 16 year old can play like this, you can't help but wonder how incredible J.D. Simo will eventually become. The talent displayed on this CD is enough to blow away anybody in the Top 40 today! Do yourself a favor and check this guy out. (Ronnie Milsap)


01 - Freight Train 05:07

02 - Six String Blues 05:33

03 - Goin' Down 03:40

04 - School House Blues 06:40

05 - Superstition 04:47

06 - Doin' All Right 02:54

07 - Til' The Morning Comes 06:42

08 - Capture Me 03:57

09 - Just Begun 03:05

10 - Texas Flood 10:26

11 - One Night Stand 03:12

12 - City Limits 06:26

13 - Mystery Bonus Track 10:02

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