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Clarence Carter 1969 Testifyin'

Genre: Soul
Rate: 280 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:31:53
Size: 62,59 MB

United States

Clarence Carter's third Atlantic album, and my personal favorite. From the album cover to the music contained within, 'Testifyin'' is a stellar, superlative disc brimming with deep-fried Southern Soul.

Kicking off procedures is a bouncy, uptempo version of John Loudermilk's "Bad News", a perfect vehicle for Clarence's gutbucket vocals and meaty guitar chops. He then goes head on into the Funk with the amazing "Snatching It Back", the hardest track here, thick in its Alabama Swamp funkiness and smothered in brass. Also a big R&B-hit for him at the time. Carter always added a healthy dose of comedy to his songs, often further enhanced by his trademark 'chuckle', and the R&B-stomper "I Smell a Rat" is a perfect example of this approach. A tongue-in-cheek tale of infidelity, disarming in its hilarity. Clarence then boards the funk express for another 'round with the snappy, sizzling "Doin' Our Thing", a tight, energetic country-funk hybrid that smoulders on... Name-checking fellow soulster Johnnie Taylor in "You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure", Carter turns in this frantic jam that clearly plays in on Taylor's huge "Who's Makin' Love" smash in 1968.

The broad smiling Alabamian then segues into the rock & rollin' "Instant Reaction", which, especially at the end, seems to incorporate the main riff (slightly retooled) of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction". Whats follows is the album's opus: "Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street)" is not a by-the-numbers cover of James Carr's peerless rendition. In fact, Clarence only sings a few of the song's verses at the very end of this track. Rather, "Making Love" is a great, sweetly arranged monologue that has Carter talking about the virtues and heartbreak of makin' love, refering more than once to his blockbuster hit "Slip Away". "The Feeling Is Right", however, consists of more greasy, Southern soaked funky soul, with Carter not only chuckeling, but adding an infectious prolongued, raspy drawl before hitting the chorus as well. "Back Door Santa" is quintessential Clarence Carter; a fatback groove (accentuated with jingle bells!) sporting outrageously funny lyrics. The LP ends on a low-key note with the achingly beautiful mid-tempo "I Can't Do Without You", a soulful tale of despair and longing. Doris Duke cut a version of this song for her renowned album 'I'm a Loser' (she cut "The Feeling Is Right" for that one, as well), but for me, personally, Clarence's spin is the absolute best. (soulmakossa)


01 - Bad News 02:59

02 - Snatching It Back 02:53

03 - Soul Deep 02:42

04 - I Smell A Rat 02:42

05 - Doin' Our Thing 02:29

06 - You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure 02:19

07 - Instant Reaction 02:54

08 - Making Love (At The Dark End Of The Street) 05:09

09 - The Feeling Is Right 02:56

10 - Back Door Santa 02:16

11 - I Can't Do Without You 02:34

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