Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Stumble 2006 The World Is Tough

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:09
Size: 103,27 MB

United Kingdom

Lovers of explosive and dynamic Chicago blues simply must give The Stumble a try. There is no doubt that their debut album "The World Is Tough" can be described as steaming and masterful. This British band from Preston knows the art of producing damn fine blues.

Apart from a few covers such as: "You Upset Me Baby" and "All Over Again" by B.B. King, from the years 1951 and 1965 respectively, and the closing "Gimme Back My Wig" by Hound Dog Taylor, from 1971 (featuring some beautiful slide by Jonny Spencer!), this band mainly performs their own work. Uncomplicated guitar solos are the main feature of this dazzling CD. Lashing out heavily on "Stop Leadin' Me On", a superb slide on "Small World", then full of tender passion in a beautiful ballad "All Over Again", the sensitive listener is kept spellbound.

This CD contains ten songs in total, all of this kind of class, and all are performed so beautifully by Paul Melville (vocals), Colin Black (lead guitar), Jonny Spencer (rhythm and slide guitar), Simon Anthony (sax), Dave Heath (bass) and Boyd Tonner (drums) that you would have to be a diehard blues fundamentalist not to succumb to its charm. I am also very impressed with the powerful, raw voice of singer Paul Melville, but that is not all. The backing by the other band members is faultless.

The Stumble is more than just another blues band. Primarily their own work, with strong arrangements, and performed with vigour and passion makes this a beautiful album that deserves your attention. Still not convinced? Then listen to the opening "You Upset Me, Baby" featuring a wonderful sax solo, the upbeat "Greyhound", the rumba rhythm in "Saturday Night", featuring a solo by Colin Black, the shuffle "Be My Baby" or the slow blues ballad "Work It Out". Don't go to The Stumble for originality, but as a band they easily leave the competition behind. Artists of this quality deserve a big career. (Freddy Celis)


01 - You Upset Me Baby 03:33

02 - Leading Me On 02:40

03 - The World Is Tough 03:54

04 - All Over Again 11:02

05 - Greyhound 01:58

06 - Saturday Night 03:25

07 - Small World Baby 03:57

08 - Be My Baby 04:33

09 - Work It Out On My Own 05:35

10 - Gimme Back My Wig 04:32

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