Saturday, May 28, 2016

Roland Stone 1997 Live On The Creole Queen

Genre: Blues
Rate: 233 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:36
Size: 69,79 MB

United States

A spirited and entertaining live recording of a one-off show aboard a ship on the Mississippi River by a man recently out of extended retirement.

Having been a local R&B player with some successful records between 1959 and 1961, Stone left the business and lived in the "real world" until being contacted by old friends shortly before this show. They reunited, cut an album, then got booked for this special riverboat trip.

It's loose in places, but nicely so. The recording could have been better but the atmosphere comes across well and there is definitely experienced talent on that boat.

I would have known nothing of Roland Stone (born Roland LeBlanc around 1942) but for an ex-colleague who, on a business trip to Louisiana, saw him play in his native New Orleans shortly after this album's release. She thought of me and bought a copy from the man himself. Nice one! Thanks. (Dyve)


01 - Sick And Tired 03:54

02 - Every Dog Has Its Day 03:11

03 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 04:56

04 - Just A Moment 04:39

05 - You Cheated 03:55

06 - Waiting At The Station 04:18

07 - Is It A Dream 04:56

08 - Ya Ya 03:33

09 - Honky Tonk Women 04:36

10 - Go On Fool 04:38

Gamble for more Roland Stone

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