Sunday, May 8, 2016

Doyle Bramhall II 1999 Jellycream

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:43
Size: 122,95 MB

United States

Another reviewer commented that Little Doyle may be the music industry's best-kept secret. Well, this is one fan who hopes he doesn't stay secret for long. Hopefully, the release of Double Trouble's "Been a Long Time" will garner Doyle Bramhall II some much-deserved notice.

But this album is fantastic, even to someone (like me) who'd never heard of Bramhall before purchasing it. I felt like I'd stumbled onto something great in the making.

Doyle is unquestionably one of the finest guitar innovaters of our time. His musicianship is so highly original (and, unlike far too many Texans, not SRV-derived) that you almost miss what he's doing. Then you hit "rewind," listen again, and are blown away. Listen to "I'm Leaving" twice before making a decision about this album. That song creeps up on you and becomes your favorite while you're not looking.

In fact, the whole album does that. This is more than the pop-rock album it seems to be. Packed with creativity and solid songwriting, "Jellycream" may be the album that signals the end of the SRV-imitation era in blues/rock. (Zimagin)


01 - I Wanna Be 03:51

02 - Day Come Down 03:57

03 - Marry You 04:21

04 - Snakecharmer 04:29

05 - Who I Am 03:48

06 - Away We Go Away 04:19

07 - Close To Heaven 04:24

08 - I'm The One 03:31

09 - Baby's Gone 04:02

10 - I'm Leavin' 04:55

11 - Chasin' The Sun 04:16

12 - I Will Remember 04:25

13 - Chariot 03:25

Gamble for more Doyle Bramhall II


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