Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bluesiana Triangle 1991 Bluesiana II

Genre: Jazz/Blues
Rate: 261 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:55:50
Size: 103,64 MB

United States

Great "All-star" CD putting some of the best New Orleans musicians together. Dr. John & David "Fathead" Newman produce this second release from Bluesiana Triangle. The only major line-up change was that the late Art Blakey was replaced by Will Calhoun, who really shines on this recording.

Fonkalishus is a straight up R & B groove that gives each a chance to play. Ray Anderson is really good on this. Doctor Blooze shows us the real Dr. John, and some of his best playing as of late. Cowan Woman is a nice little shuffle, while For Art's Sake is a great tribute done by Will Calhoun. Any question about his ability can be completely put to rest here, as well as Tribute to Art. Skoshuss is absolutely that, with some great hornwork by Newman and Anderson. I could listen to this track over and over. Love's Parody is another vocal track by Dr. John, a lot slower than Doctor Blooze. There's some real nice, haunting sax playing here, which saves it completely, cause it's actually a boring song. Santa Rosalia shows us some more of Will Calhoun and Joe Bonadio's percussive force. It's a glorified drum solo, but overall quite enjoyable. San Antone is a much better Dr. John vocal track than the previous. Nice and bluesy, not as upbeat as Dr. Blooze, but just as good. Montana Banana shows us the flutework of David Newman, wow! He's pretty good, I had no idea.

Get this album, if you're into any New Orleans R&B, this one would fit right in with 'em. No one really knows who this is until after they open up the CD, plus it's on windham hill, and that usually scares anybody!!! It's actually one of their good ones. You won't hear this in your local elevator. (J. Collins)


01 - Fonkalishus 05:59

02 - Doctor Blooze 03:33

03 - Cowan Woman 06:51

04 - For Art's Sake 08:13

05 - Skoshuss 05:19

06 - Love's Parody 03:30

07 - Santa Rosalia 05:33

08 - San Antone 04:30

09 - Montana Banana 05:30

10 - Tribute To Art 06:52

Gamble for more Bluesiana Triangle

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