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13 feat. Lester Butler 1997 13 feat. Lester Butler

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:34
Size: 95,12 MB

United States

If you are wondering who's the better band The Red Devils or "13"...? It's a difficult choice. I would say the 'difference' between the two bands is that The Red Devils play(ed) a steadier diet of blues songs written by 'other' blues legends. Four of 12 were written by Butler and/or band members on The Red Devils King King record. On the "13" album Lester Butler is the blues composer on 8 of 13 songs. Both albums offer a variety of different songs written by Willie Dixon and Chester 'Howlin Wolf' Burnett.

On "Smoke Stack Lightning" Butler captures the spirit of Howlin' Wolf like few can. There is a song written by Dr. Issiah Ross (who?) that left me saying aloud "Oh, no, don't be over already," after 1 min 40 seconds. A Lester Butler composition "Plague of Madness" sounds about as outrageous as title suggests. Before the song concludes you might not know whether to 'move-it', shake-it, or laugh at this upbeat(?) jammin' song. When the parade of "sick" laughter serenades the ill-minded, again, you might not know whether to laugh or wonder if there was something wrong with these guys? Mentally? There is a great redo of Big Joe Williams hit "Baby Please Don't Go" which I remember from the many songs played on the "Good Morning Vietnam" movie/soundtrack.

All in all you get 41 minutes of blues-rock on this album. The piano play of Andy Kaulkin is quite instrumental (pun intended) on pretty much every track, as well as the obvious harmonica 'feature' player. The best guitar play seems to be from Alex Schultz. This is a very good band, not just a one man show. Simply put, "13" is a great piece of cult status, musical history featuring the late great Lester Butler.

And see if you can hear a Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant vibe on Butler's own "Sweet Tooth". Oooo yeahhh! (a walther)


01 - So Low Down 03:34

02 - HNC 02:27

03 - Sweet Tooth 04:22

04 - Black Hearted Woman 04:41

05 - Close To You 03:02

06 - Smokestack Lightning 03:52

07 - Pray For Me 03:07

08 - So Mean To Me 03:11

09 - Way Down South 03:37

10 - Boogie Disease 01:41

11 - Plague Of Madness 03:24

12 - Down In The Alley 01:01

13 - Baby Please Don't Go 03:35

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