Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tommy Cougar Blues Band 1998 Juke Joint Fever

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:48
Size: 93,36 MB


Tommy Cougar hails from Stockholm, Sweden. He has fronted many bands over the years, and has played many different styles of blues. His various bands have focus on styles including Hendrix, Trower, Albert Collin's and SRV. Unfortunately, CDs of his early efforts, most notably his SRV tribute band T.C. & the Stingrays, are no longer available. Too bad, because the audio samples available at Tommy's website sound pretty good.

The theme for this CD is quite a departure from the styles previously mentioned. This disc is entirely in a style very reminiscent of Hound Dog Taylor. To achive a truly authentic sound, the band recorded with old, lo-fi equipment. The desired result was achived with great success. Fans of Hound Dog Taylor's rough, distorted, slide guitar and harsh vocals will defintely be able to relate to this CD.

Many songs are based on the shuffle blues style, ranging from slow blues to up tempo "houserockin' music", and driven by the crunching pulse of Tommy's rhythm playing. Lead breaks are nasty, slashing slide affairs, or as noted on the CD Jacket, "rough and dangerous slide guitar". Very well done and very much in keeping with the intended feel of the music. Tommy has certainly done his homework on early style slide guitar. Rounding out the package, vocals also have the proper sound.... heavy on the reverb or echo, or whatever effect gives that "singing in a tunnel" sound.

Juke Joint Fever is very consistant, and true to it's focus throughout. As the name implies, this is old-fashioned, good time blues. While intended to emulate a particular style, and you'll swear you've heard many of these songs before, all of the songs are Tommy Cougar originals. This is an interesting and entertaining CD, and one which I have enjoyed listening to many times. (http://www.electricblues.com/)


01 - Shake It 03:10

02 - Cadillac Jane 03:39

03 - I Don't Know 03:37

04 - Trying To Get Through 03:33

05 - Dog Bone 01:46

06 - Hot Rod Machine 03:19

07 - Devil Blues 06:08

08 - Have Some Fun 03:37

09 - Fool For Chocolate 03:52

10 - Get My Heart Back Together 05:26

11 - Got To Go 02:41

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