Friday, April 29, 2016

Ten Years After 1972 Rock & Roll Music To The World

Genre: Blues-Rock
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United Kingdom

After the inspired songwriting and more acoustic feel of A Space in Time, TYA got back to solid rock 'n roll on this album. And while it's true they're not breaking any new ground with cuts like Choo Choo Mama, Tomorrow I'll Be Out of Town and Rock 'n Roll Music to the World, no one ever did boogie better than Alvin Lee and company, except maybe Savoy Brown. When you've got a first-class rhythm section like Leo Lyons on bass and Ric Lee on drums—as capable of occasional jazz stylings as of blues and rock—you can't ask for much more. Chick Churchill turns in some of his best keyboard work ever on this album, pushing the boundaries with haunting barn burners like Standing at the Station and adding just the right ambience to Religion, one of Alvin Lee's best lyrics. When it comes to blues, the band has never sounded so gritty and all-out as on Turned Off TV Blues; Lee pushes his voice to the limit, sounding more like John Fogerty than himself. And of course Lee's blistering guitar work here keeps him firmly in guitar hero territory. This is a quintessential album for lovers of blues-based rock, one of the best of its era. (Sean Arthur Joyce)


01 - You Give Me Loving 06:34

02 - Convention Prevention 04:23

03 - Turned Off T.V. Blues 05:13

04 - Standing At The Station 07:11

05 - You Can't Win Them All 04:06

06 - Religion 05:49

07 - Choo Choo Mama 04:02

08 - Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town 04:29

09 - Rock & Roll Music To The World 03:47

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