Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ten Years After 1970 Cricklewood Green

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 245 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:45:47
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United Kingdom

Ten Years After finally found a room (Olympic Studios) and a producer (Glyn Johns, as I recall) who together worked to make the fattest, punchiest and most intense album ever to issue from Alvin Lee & Company. Alvin is at his best here -- even better than the more commercially successful 'Space In Time' that came a few years later. But this one's the band at their peak. Chick Churchill's organ work is the perfect bed to hold together the rhythm section section of Leo Lyons (bass) and Ric Lee (drums and no relation to Alvin). This album is the way that Ten Years After sounded live. Some of the songs from their subsequent album 'Ssshh!' sounded as they did live -- as did a few from 'A Space in Time' and 'Rock n Roll Music to the World.' But for pure TYA fans who loved the way they came out on stage and tore down the house, this is the one to get! Not only is it the best reflection of a great band at its performance peak, they were also at their best in their choice of material also. These are songs that are just as vicious and brutal today as they were when they first ripped the radiowaves back in early 1970.

'Sugar the Road' and 'Working on the Road' are still some of the quintessential TYA tracks -- as are the more mystic '50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain' and 'As the Sun Still Burns Away.' Even the mellower 'Circles' is a beautiful counterpoint to the rest of the album -- as is the swinging blues of 'Me and My Baby.' This album is a testament to the power of the Marshall Amplifer! Given enough of these things stacked floor to ceiling, and a great studio like Olympic; add a great engineer and producer; make sure you have a great band in front of those Marshalls and include their best material -- and what you end up with is 'Cricklewood Green.'

A true rock masterpiece and a legendary album that blistered the airwaves and concert halls from a great band that cranked alongside groups like Led Zeppelin, Spirit, Deep Purple and Jeff Beck Group. But ah! When Ten Years After took the stage, they played like they were out to strip the paint from the walls -- and it's here, recorded just the way it happened on 'Cricklewood Green.' (R. Lindeboom)


01 - Sugar The Road 04:05

02 - Working On The Road 04:16

03 - 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain 07:36

04 - Year 3000 Blues 02:23

05 - Me And My Baby 04:11

06 - Love Like A Man 07:36

07 - Circles 03:59

08 - As The Sun Still Burns Away 04:46

09 - Warm Sun [Bonus Track] 03:06

10 - To No One [Bonus Track] 03:49

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