Monday, April 11, 2016

Ten Years After 1969 Ssssh

Genre: Blues-Rock
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United Kingdom

This could very well be the ultimate combination of blues and rock. I can only imagine how satisfying it must have been for those lucky enough to experience this terrific album back in 1969 when it was brand new. It takes the traditional style of hard rock blues to a *much* heavier level and it wouldn't surprise me if bands like Zeppelin or Sabbath were influenced by this album.

Might I also add how disappointed I am that it's not a more popular album. It truly deserves to be. You'll agree the moment you hear it.

For those who might be going into Ssssh expecting exceptional vocal melodies... well, you'll probably be disappointed because even though the vocals are melodic enough to get the job done, it's the guitar work that makes me a firm believer everyone should have Ssssh in their album collection.

The highlight is probably "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl". With a vocal melody very ordinary by blues standards, you'll never guess what happens around the 2 minute mark. Oh just you wait and hear for yourself! Alright alright, I'll reveal what happens- a guitar solo that sounds like absolutely no other makes a very groundbreaking appearance, and some of these licks are truly extraordinary. If you're not happy with the actual notes (which, might I add, DO grow on you over time- I didn't care for this song at all at first but now I absolutely LOVE it) I'm sure you'll at least be impressed with the relentless approach Alvin Lee takes it.

In this track, Alvin Lee plays with a certain style of speed and combines it with a melodic structure, and it doesn't resemble anything else from the late 60's. Some of these flashy and speedy guitar solos make me wonder how one person can play so well without missing a beat.

My second favorite song is probably "I Woke Up This Morning". Some of Alvin's guitar work here resembles the classic period of live Cream/Eric Clapton, but done very very well so I won't complain about any similarities. "Bad Scene" actually has a really great vocal melody and I like the way the song shifts in a few different directions before eventually slipping into a heavy guitar solo that puts a sudden and shocking end to all those awkward shifts. "Stoned Woman" has a really fantastic vocal melody and an even better groove, and that's honestly all it needs because it sounds so good.

In fact the entire album sounds *awesome*. The production I mean. The way it was recorded. A significant improvement over Cricklewood Green and Rock & Roll Music to the World.

Anyway, let me mention a few more songs. "The Stomp" is flat out awesome and the vocals totally remind me of the good Captain Beefheart. Anything (and I mean *anything*) that sounds like Captain Beefheart is just fine and dandy by me because I'm such an enormous fan of his work. This song also reminds me of the Rolling Stones classic "Shake Your Hips". "If You Should Love Me" is a drastic step away from all the bluesy guitar solos and solid grooves that dominate most of the album, and is just a really pleasant, soulful ballad. I can't recall what other ballad this song closely resembles, but I'm thinking this track wouldn't be out of place on either a Rascals or Animals album.

Please please please buy this album. I may be underrating the vocal melodies, true, but it's honestly because the guitar work is the main attraction here (for me at least). (Bryan)


01 - Bad Scene 03:31

02 - Two Time Mama 02:00

03 - Stoned Woman 03:31

04 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 06:59

05 - If You Should Love Me 05:21

06 - I Don't Know That You Don't Know My Name 02:03

07 - The Stomp 04:32

08 - I Woke Up This Morning 05:27

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KDNYfm said...

Hey Mile...this was my first exposure to TYA, and at the time my high school garage band actually played a couple tunes from this. I have to admit my fave TYA album is Cricklewood Green, but this is a superb album...Just wish I had a chance to see them back in the day!

The Bluesgambler said...

Have seen them live the last years a couple of times and can recommend to visit a concert if you have the chance to. Pure Blues-Rock as in their best years, especially Leo Lyons plays with fun as it was his first year on stage.