Monday, April 25, 2016

Jon Cleary 1999 Moonburn

Genre: R&B
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:01
Size: 116,80 MB

United States

You have never heard so much funk generated by 4 guys! Brilliant and, at the same time, probably at risk of getting caught in the grey spaces between blues and R&B and gospel and funk and rock. Which is ok with me -- as long as I can keep walking easily into their gigs. My worry is that they will not be sufficiently discovered, and they will not be able to produce enough cd's to fill my craving! Cleary and his band are in high demand as studio musicians with folks like Raitt and Taj Mahal...

Buy their CD ASAP so we can keep them together long enough to pump out some more of this awesome and unique music! I got really luck and stumbled into the maple leaf in New Orleans after a long day at jazz fest and jammed with Cleary And The Monsters 'til early the next morning. Bought their CD immediately and I'm now at risk of needing to buy another copy since mine is wearing out. Yesterday, saw them again with Bonnie Raitt sitting in on a few songs.

This is KILLER music, people. There is something for everyone on this album. I'm ready for the next one! (Paul Walker)


01 - Fools Game 04:43

02 - So Damn Good 04:29

03 - Heavy Under Pressure 04:00

04 - Unnecessarily Mercenary 03:49

05 - Port Street Blues 03:06

06 - Gettin' Crazy Up In Here 03:57

07 - Help Me Somebody 05:18

08 - Would I Lie To You 03:55

09 - Who's There With You 04:37

10 - Stepping In On Your Thing 04:52

11 - Salty Water 03:36

12 - Moonburn 04:39

Gamble for more Jon Cleary



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