Saturday, April 23, 2016

Deanna Bogart 1998 The Great Unknown

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:45:16
Size: 103,54 MB

United States

Whether you are "sittin'on a mountain," in a "love funk," or wake up on the "wrong side of love" you will find yourself "opening the door" for Deanna Bogart's latest CD--"THE GREAT UNKNOWN." Walking down Duval street in Key West one Friday night after midnight I heard this "goood" music and had to discover what it was. I happened upon Deanna Bogart and untimately, the Great Unknown.

If you drink from her cup, you will never be the same again. Her music overflows with richness, with spirit, with life. I like jazz. I like the piano of Jerry Lee Lewis. Deanna Bogart has the energy of Jerry Lee Lewis, but with a smoothness and style that is only Deanna Bogart. She attacks the keyboard with a crispness and flare that is captivating. Her music is well-written with content and with meaning that one can relate to. The talent of her entire band is evident. Eric Scott's voice really complements Deanna's. Kajun Kelly on guitar and Mike Aubin on drums are also true artists.

If you like country, jazz, or blues, I would recommend "The Great Unknown." You can't stop yourself from falling for Deanna Bogart! Bravo Deanna! (Charles G. MacDonald)


01 - Sittin' On A Mountain 04:45

02 - Love Funk 03:35

03 - Wrong Side Of Love 07:03

04 - Won't Be Long 03:16

05 - Lovin' Me 04:18

06 - O.K. I'll Play The Blues 03:40

07 - Life Of The Party 05:18

08 - But You Know 03:04

09 - The Great Unknown 04:11

10 - Peephole 03:33

11 - Adam Bomb Boogie 02:33

Gamble for more Deanna Bogart


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