Friday, March 18, 2016

The Amazing Rhythm Aces 1975 Stacked Deck

Genre: Country-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:22
Size: 94,67 MB

United States

Review by Bruce Eder

In contrast to such '70s country-rock outfits as the Eagles and Poco, whose members had passed through the West Coast folk-rock scene dominated by the Byrds, the Amazing Rhythm Aces were a Memphis-based band. Their debut album is an edgy effort, rooted in a purer Southern sound, and embracing a soulfulness that their West Coast rivals lacked.

The country gospel tune "Life's Railway to Heaven," the funky "The 'Ella B'," the stomping "Hit the Nail on the Head," and the soulful "The Beautiful Lie" would never have been done in as raw, intense, or bracing a fashion by their rivals. Russell Smith brings a vocal performance to Charlie Rich's "Who Will the Next Fool Be" that sounds like he's channeling the ghost of Sam Cooke. And between those album highlights and the hits "Third Rate Romance" and "Amazing Grace (Used to Be Her Favorite Song)," the group works in a sweetly nostalgic piece called "King of the Cowboys," all about movie and television heroes.


01 - Third Rate Romance 03:25

02 - The 'Ella B' 04:33

03 - Life's Railway To Heaven 04:25

04 - The Beautiful Lie 02:57

05 - Hit The Nail On The Head 02:25

06 - Who Will The Next Fool Be 02:52

07 - Amazing Grace (Used To Be Her Favorite Song) 03:21

08 - Anything You Want 03:53

09 - My Tears Still Flow 03:28

10 - Emma-Jean 02:57

11 - Why Can't I Be Satisfied 03:04

12 - King Of The Cowboys 04:02

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