Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Steve Arvey 1998 Best From The Vault

Genre: Blues
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:21
Size: 67,87 MB

United States

Steve Arvey's latest release is a best of compilation, spanning years of recording in the blues scene. "Best From The Vault" is an independent release, which will give you an indication of the talent and musicianship that this man is blessed with.

The album rocks from the opening track, enough to grab you, compelling you to listen to the entire CD. Track 2 is a great cover of Chester Burnett's classic, followed by a cut from the Kenning/Arvey album which is distributed in Australia via Full Moon Records. An awesome version of Little Red Rooster with mind grabbing guitar licks, stands out here followed by the rockin' jivin' classic 'Set a Date'.

If you haven't been captivated by this recording so far, then I suggest you visit the doctor for a checkup, because the quality and high standard continues in the ever powerful 'You've Got To Move' which is a prime example of the strength, range and emotion of Steve Arvey's voice. The CD simply rocks, rolls, jives, croons, and sizzles through the remaining tracks. You may get tired of me saying this is a "Must Have" but hey!!!! Truth is truth and this is definitely one to add to the have to buy ASAP list. (Mr. Blues)


01 - When I Get Drunk 03:18

02 - How Many More Years 03:01

03 - If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day 02:55

04 - Red Rooster 03:21

05 - Set A Date 04:42

06 - You've Got To Move 04:01

07 - Want Ad Blues 05:36

08 - Stranded 03:36

09 - Love Ain't Easy 03:54

10 - Right Place Wrong Time 03:40

11 - Holding On 04:16

12 - He Knows The Rules 04:16

13 - Mr. Nobody's Somebody 05:08

14 - Chains 06:00

15 - Bonus 01:37

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