Thursday, March 3, 2016

Southern Drive 2009 Sunland Radio

Genre: Country-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:17
Size: 96,86 MB

United States

It was only recently, at a wedding party in Arcadia, that I first heard the music of Southern Drive, a Dallas-based Texas/Red Dirt roots-rock band. Naturally, I was curious about the band, which had an appealing energy and sound that worked well in a live setting. Later, when I finally had a chance to sit down with their latest CD, Sunland Radio, I was impressed by the diversity of the material and the mature, Southern rock vibe it conveys on disc.

Clearly, this was a band worth paying attention to. They had already released one other album, Take a Ride, which featured Okie-centric songs like Lake Murray and OKC. And the lead singer, Donnie Rex Martin, is an Okie himself. And it's true. Dance, the first track, features singer Martin embracing a barnburner of a frantic dance song. Great harmonica (Kevin Garinger) and a fine guitar solo from Taylor McCreary. But that's nothing. Wait 'til you get to the down-n-dirty, blues-rocker Old Crow. With it's infectious handclaps and beat, Martin's bold vocal delivery is unforgettable. Another song, Jennie's New Boots, is a rockabilly tune co-written by Dallas musician Colin Boyd, who also lends his vocals to the bouncy track. In fact, as a side note, Martin and Boyd perform as a duo in Dallas under the name Pearl-Snap Shindig. Cougar about a woman who hunts alone and haunts the local bar looking for younger guys is amusing, while The Rocker is a bit darker, with Martin singing about life in a band. And the band isn't afraid to slow it down on acoustic-oriented ballads like Don't Fear the Lonely, where Martin reminds me a bit of Cory Morrow. There's a cadence to the folk-martial music of Soldier Song. A great song, although it might be a bit more effective performed at a slightly slower pace.

I really enjoyed Sunland Radio. Southern Drive is a band to watch ... and listen to. Grade. (Andrew Griffin)


01 - Dance 03:15

02 - Sundown 03:33

03 - Old Crow 03:29

04 - Don't Fear The Lonely 03:58

05 - Jennie's New Boots 03:09

06 - Otherside 03:49

07 - Soldier Song 03:48

08 - Cougar 02:56

09 - The Rocker 03:30

10 - Don't Wait Up (faults) 10:50

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