Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rob Tognoni 2001 Monkeygrinder

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:39
Size: 118,28 MB


Tognoni's latest release "Monkeygrinder" sees the Tasmania born blues/rock guitarist continue with the same brand of excellent music that made his first three solo releases so enjoyable. Tognoni continues to be one of the best kept secrets in the blues/rock world, though his strong showing at and word of mouth are starting to leak the secret to the masses. Those of you, who like me, grew up listening to the great classic rock guitarists of the 60's and 70's will love Tognoni's work. You know, most of my boyhood guitar heroes have either passed on from unnatural causes or grown so old that they have lost their edge. Some, in their latter years, have forsaken the music that made them famous in favor of what they perceive as more marketable "adult oriented rock". Forget that notion, as some of us "seniors" still want to rock, and Tognoni delivers a major fix to any blues/rock guitar junkie.

Part Australian blues artist, part classic rocker, with just a dash of AC/DC added, Tognoni blazes his way through this set of 12 excellent original compositions. He is a very consistent songwriter, as well, and a most capable vocalist. But at the heart of his music is always his blistering guitar. His sound is cleaner than most and offered up with passion and precision. You "wah-wah" fans will especially enjoy his CDs. Ordinarily, I have a real problem determining which of his songs I like best, as they are all outstanding. However, "Monkeygrinder" includes a Tognoni classic "Weapon Called Love" which is equal in strength to a couple of his earlier works "Times Change" and "Dirty Occupation". I cannot fathom that any of these, given the proper major label marketing, would not generate mainstream success. "Weapon Called Love" is by no means the only outstanding effort here: the title song, "In The Scheme of Things", "Not My Guitar", "My Acid Is Kickin' In", and most lyrically interesting "What Do You Believe?" will keep you rocking enough to annoy all of your neighbors. (


01 - Revenge Of The Monkeygrinder 03:44

02 - Drink Jack Boogie 03:33

03 - Product Of A Southern Land (1 More Hit) 04:54

04 - Weapon Called Love 03:19

05 - ElmerF's Lil' Blues 05:44

06 - The Harder I Will Fall 03:59

07 - Diamonds In The Air 04:13

08 - Not My Guitar 05:34

09 - Sugar Coat 04:35

10 - What Do You Believe 03:08

11 - My Acid Is Kickin' In 04:07

12 - In The Scheme Of Things 04:49

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