Sunday, March 20, 2016

John Nemeth 2010 Name The Day!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:33
Size: 95,01 MB

United States

If it is true that white men can't jump, that stereotypical rule certainly does not apply to white men possessing large amounts of soul. John Németh on his latest, "Name the Day!" has recorded some of the best blues/R & B I have heard so far this year. He will definitely juke and jive his listeners, getting them up off their posteriors and onto the dance floor. I defy anyone to sit still while listening to this amazing record by John Németh!

Mr. Németh hails from what I would say to be an extremely unlikely place for a blues artist, especially of this caliber, Boise, Idaho. This isn't meant as a slant for this extremely talented artist, but he did sing in his Catholic church. This is not an environment usually known for its conduciveness to the creation of blues artists. As almost everyone should know, most blues artists are devoutly Baptist. I am just kidding. I simply wanted to take the stereotype to the next level.

However, Mr. Németh has defied the unwritten odds and, in this writer's opinion, will be, or already is, a force to be reckoned with in the world of the blues. His voice is, with out a doubt, incredible. Then he places the harmonica to his lips and more magic occurs. He sings with so much emotion that the listener will not be able to not think of legends such as James Brown, Percy Sledge, and B.B. King. You can certainly hear components of all three in Mr. Németh's music.

Mr. Németh has put together one of the best Memphis style blues bands I have heard in quite some time. He has recruited for this particular eleven track endeavor, Bobby Welsh on guitar and piano, Smokey Davis on fender bass, Nick Fishman on drums and percussion, Austin deLone on piano and organ, Jake Smolowe on organ, Jeff Teczon on tenor sax, Frank Bailey on trumpet, Mike Rinta on trombone (horn arrangements), and Steve Willis and Ed Earley on background vocals.

This record is not to be missed! ('Rebel' Rod Ames)


01 - Breakin' Free 04:15

02 - Name The Day 03:35

03 - Do You Really Want That Woman 03:40

04 - Heartbreak With A Hammer 04:07

05 - Tuff Girl 03:06

06 - I Said Too Much 05:08

07 - Home In Your Heart 02:34

08 - Save A Little Love 03:40

09 - You Know 03:04

10 - Why Not Me 04:37

11 - Funky Feelin' 03:47

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