Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dyke & The Blazers 1967 The Funky Broadway

Genre: Soul
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:39
Size: 57,89 MB

United States

Review by Andrew Hamilton

The late Dyke (Arlester Christian) was from Buffalo yet, after once backing the O'Jays in Phoenix, the band either became stranded or decided to stay there. It was the luckiest break they ever had, since they met someone who knew someone, which resulted in the recording and release of "Funky Broadway," a rough, funky, bass heavy dance tune written by Christian that rocketed up the charts. "Funky Broadway" scored again when Wilson Pickett recorded it; his version had better musicians, but Dyke's rawer, amateurish original, had more gut appeal. "Uhh Parts 1 & 2" is just as simplistic, but proves that lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place, and the rest of the songs are all in the same rut. Dyke featured a showman but not a singer, and rarely played ballads.


01 - Funky Broadway Pt. 1 02:40

02 - Funky Broadway Pt. 2 02:53

03 - UHH Pt. 1 02:05

04 - UHH Pt. 2 02:15

05 - Broadway Combination 02:52

06 - City Dump 03:01

07 - The Wrong House 10:02

08 - So Sharp 03:11

09 - Don't Bug Me 02:40

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