Thursday, March 31, 2016

CeDell Davis 1998 The Horror Of It All

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:53
Size: 72,95 MB

United States

When I first heard this recording I must admit I was horrified - mainly by the lack of musicality & the harshness of the guitar sound - but I now love it with a passion - after all if I wanted musicianship & polish I wouldn't listen to blues & certainly not to blues recorded by fatpossum.

Cedell Davis is wheelchair bound & can only properly use one arm so he's developed a unique slide guitar technique involving a butter knife. All songs bar one are just voice & guitar & the album runs to barely 30 minutes, though the richness, intensity & variety of the music makes it feel much longer. The songs are so simple & naked as to almost not be classed as music at all - there's no other experience quite like listening to Cedell.

It's difficult to describe what it is about his music that captivates - humour, exuberance, sheer bloody-mindedness & an absolute refusal to compromise - here's a man who follows his own vision & nothing else. After repeated listening you realise that the guitar playing is not haphazard, the rhythm is not stilted & the voice is not out of tune - the man just magically hits a groove where it all comes together & works to perfection.

This is music that's all feeling & heart & almost no technique & it demands to be listened to with new ears each time - what could be more refreshing & worthwhile than that? (IrishGit)


01 - Coon Can Mattie 02:44

02 - Chicken Hawk 03:00

03 - Keep On Snatchin' It Back 02:41

04 - The Horror 02:50

05 - Come Here Baby 03:18

06 - Worried Life 03:59

07 - Cold Chills 03:33

08 - Mistreatin' Me 01:42

09 - I Want You 02:33

10 - If You Like Fat Women 03:43

11 - Tojo Told Hitler 01:50

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