Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Paladins 2007 Power Shake - Live In Holland

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:40:41
Size: 230,27 MB

United States

The Paladins have been defunct for several years now, with frontman Dave Gonzales now playing lead guitar for the Hacienda Bros. However, Rounder Records/Europe has come to the rescue of Paladins fans with a belated (circa '04) live recording from the band's appearance @ the "Kid's & Billie's" Festival in Holland. This double-disc CD puts the Paladin's previous live release ("Million Mile Club", now OOP) to shame, featuring a much better sound mix and lots more songs (22, in fact). The set includes a representative sampling of tunes from all of the band's 7 Studio albums, and the musicianship is fine throughout.

Dave Gonzales has always sounded best "live" and he does nothing but enhance his rep as a great axman on this rockin' release. Dave also handles his vocals with his usual aplomb, but does hand off to bassist, Thomas Yearsley, for several numbers. Unfortunately, Tommy's singing ability seems to have dissapated in the intervening years between the band's heyday & '04. His turns at the mike are sloppy, off-time & frequently off-key. Not a major drawback, but noticeable, nevertheless. Several songs on the Album Liner Notes are "mistitled" ("Right Track" is called "Treat Me Right"; "Keep On Lovin' Me Baby" is called "Make Me Feel So Good") and one medley of tunes on disc two is listed out of order. Minor glitches! Overall, this unexpected release is a great surprise gift for fans of the band. Put it on & turn it up loud - you'll definitely enjoy it! (Sanzar Q)



01 - Let'er Roll 04:52

02 - Powershake 03:52

03 - Goin' To The City 04:01

04 - Hot-Rod-Rockin' 03:04

05 - Lookin' For A Girl Like You 03:44

06 - Slippin' In 03:07

07 - Lil' Irene 02:34

08 - Treat Me Wrong 02:51

09 - Slow Down 04:12

10 - It's Too Late Baby (Gonna Have To Let You Go) 04:18

11 - Tore Up 03:05


01 - Going Down To Big Mary's 09:10

02 - You Make It, They Take It 04:28

03 - Kiddio 04:25

04 - Keep Lovin' Me 05:50

05 - Follow Your Heart 04:33

06 - Lett's Buzz 04:25

07 - 15 Days Under The Hood 05:00

08 - El Matador 04:47

09 - Bad Case Of Love 03:55

10 - She's Fine 07:03

11 - Mercy 07:25

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