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The Keller Brothers Band 1998 Live At Antone's

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:21
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United States

A year after forming the band the Keller Brothers recorded their fist CD, Live At Antone's (on Elly May Records 1998) which featured 3 originals by Mike Keller and 11 covers. Some familiar cuts include Magic Sam's "All Your Love," Muddy Water's "Blow Wind Blow," and Albert Collins "The Tremble" (through Magic Sam according to Mike). Some lessor known covers include "Trick Bag" from Earl King, "Guitar Cha-Cha," and a couple of songs showcasing Matt's keyboards ("Misery" from Professor Longhair, and "I'm On Fire" from the Jerry Lee Lewis playlist). I happen to love Jerry Lee Lewis so when I first heard Matt playing this song, I thought to myself, "this kid's amazing, he's got that Jerry Lee style nailed." When you see him play you will know exactly what I mean. Matt also has some pretty good vocals to go along with his stellar playing. In fact the vocals of both Mike and Matt add a nice one-two punch to the band's distinct sound.

The first of the three originals on their album by Mike include the instrumental "Memphis" featuring Mike's scintillating guitar work and Matt's excellent keyboard playing. The bass and drums are rock solid and provide a steady, foot-tapping foundation for this song and the rest of the album. The second original, "The Day You Walked," features Mike's confident and catchy vocals underpinned again by the bands excellent instrumentation. The final original is a catchy, atmospheric piece called "Time," that has definite popular hit potential. (


Mike Keller: guitar and vocals
Matt Farrell: piano, organ and vocals
Corey Keller: drums
Scott Nelson: bass


01 - Memphis 05:01

02 - Sawed Off Shotgun 04:11

03 - Blow Wind Blow 03:58

04 - Misery 03:23

05 - The Day You Walk 03:57

06 - All Your Love 05:40

07 - Guitar Cha-Cha 04:59

08 - Raise Your Window 03:04

09 - Time 03:27

10 - Trick Bag 03:12

11 - I'm On Fire 03:26

12 - It Takes Time 05:01

13 - Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had 07:16

14 - The Tremble 04:46

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