Friday, February 26, 2016

The Animals 1983 Ark

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 254 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:39
Size: 86,29 MB

United Kingdom

The original Animals had all the commercial appeal of the British Invasion groups of 1964-5 and all the musical integrity of the bands who were still around by 1966-7. Eric Burdon eventually split and even though he could drink as much as Keith Richards on stage, he eventually went farther and farther out into the universe until he was just a fading star. Alan Price did his own thing and Chas of course had his own Experience.

The boys reunited twice: in the late 70's and this early 80's set. The big difference is that the original band supported this album with a tour and a lot of these tunes were live numbers. And they rocked. As much as I like the early Animals, the Eric Burdon solo stuff, and the Alan Price material, this to me is just a great set, and it could be argued is the best album that the band put together. Burdon is in great voice, and when Chas and Alan sing background, it's the sound that made the world pick up its ears in the early 60's. The recording is clean, the band and back-up musicians are top rate, and the material--including the bonus flip side--is just brilliant. So glad to see this available, and you should give it a listen. (Marcus Aurelius)


01 - Loose Change 02:59

02 - Love Is For All Time 04:20

03 - My Favorite Enemy 03:43

04 - Prisoner Of The Light 04:07

05 - Being There 03:26

06 - Hard Times 02:53

07 - The Night 03:53

08 - Trying To Get You 04:13

09 - Just Can't Get Enough 03:52

10 - Melt Down 03:06

11 - Gotta Get Back To You 02:39

12 - Crystal Nights 04:09

13 - No John No 04:19

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