Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rich Delgrosso & Jonn Del Toro Richardson 2011 Time Slips On By

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:41
Size: 145,59 MB

United States

A Latino guitar whiz and a mandolin aren't key ingredients for most blues CDs. Listen to this one and you'll wonder why more artists haven't used this combination. Rich Del Grosso combines the music of mandolin bluesmen Johnny Young and Yank Rachell with more than a bit of Billy Gibbons. Listening to this CD, I could imagine Sleep John Estes breaking into Down @ the Balinese. Del Grosso brings his considerable knowledge of all type of mandolin music to this CD and shows he is a master of both the less is more and the play the heck out of it techniques.

John Del Torro Richardson won an IBC Albert King award for his guitar work a few years back; on this CD, he sounds even better than he did when he won the award. Richardson know both his Delta blues and his Texas blues. One hears the flowing genius of Jimmie Vaughan in his music spiced with the styles of Freddie King and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

While there is certainly a wealth of blues history behind this CD, all of the material is original. The title track, Time Slips By, is a powerful lyric about losing the people you love. Though the subjects aren't quite the same, this song brings to mind Stevie Ray Vaughan's version of Life by the Drop. Katalin and an updated and reworked version of Shotgun Blues are two of the best songs and Del Grosson's Hard to Live With is funny, charming and true to life.

Let's see, outstanding musicians, nuanced interplay between them and original blues lyrics. Oh, yes...both of these guys can sing. There's no hesitation in these songs, just confident and strong voices.

Though this is an outstanding blues CD, it has a unique style of its own; it's too bad music companies and retailers insist on categorizing musicians. (Linn B in DC)


01 - Baby Do Wrong 04:35

02 - Time Slips On By 03:59

03 - Mandolin Man 05:05

04 - Katalin 04:19

05 - Shotgun Blues 05:19

06 - Hard To Live With 07:26

07 - Where's Laura 02:37

08 - A Gig Is A Gig 04:50

09 - Summertime Is Here 04:07

10 - I Wish I'd Heard 05:19

11 - The Real Deal 04:37

12 - She's Sweet 04:11

13 - Good Rockin Johnny 03:12

14 - Baby Please 04:05

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